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Lying for the sake of prestige so that the will is fulfilled, Yeah.... People with high prestige want all their wishes fulfilled. Prestige makes people unwlling to accept mistakes, reluctant to apologize, rejecting the help of others. This attitude can be eliminated by acknowledging weaknesses and openly accepting criticism. People who do the work themselves are actually not because of prestige but because they can and have the time to do it, usually people like this from the lower middle class are people who want simplicity.

When in front of others, various ways are often used to maintain honor and self-respect. In fact, some people choose to lie so that they don't look bad or weak in the eyes of others or for a desired purpose.

If you do the same, it is a form of prestige. In some cases, this attitude may be good for maintaining your competitive spirit. However, this attitude can be bad for relationships with other people, especially when your lies are exposed.

Characteristics of people who have high prestige

You can see the characteristics of people who have high prestige in their daily attitudes and behavior. Some of the attitudes and behaviors that are generally exhibited by people with high prestige include :

*Not admitting and accepting his mistakes, and doing everything he can to avoid being reprimanded or humiliated, one of them is by lying.

*Reluctant to ask for help from others first and wait for someone else to offer help. Usually they will only do it when the situation is already bad and cannot be handled.

*They don't want to apologize for their mistakes because it feels embarrassing for them and chooses to act as if nothing happened.

*Do not want to follow the direction of others, except from people who have a higher position or position, have a lot of money than them.

*Feeling no need for help from others.

*All their desires must be fulfilled because they feel that they know what is best.

*Reluctant to accept other people's input and do not hesitate to argue to defend what they think is right.

The characteristics of people with high prestige may be different from one another. Some may exhibit more than one of the attitudes or behaviors listed above.

How to get rid of excessive prestige

Maintaining self-esteem is necessary so that you are not looked down upon by others. However, covering weakness with lies just for the sake of prestige can be bad for yourself and others.

Here are some tips to get rid of excessive prestige :

*Admit weakness.

*Learn from experience.

*Understand and manage emotions.

*Better people appreciation.

Prestige is important to maintain self-respect and the spirit of competition, as long as you don't do dirty things like lying to protect it. Ways to get rid of excessive prestige include admitting weaknesses, learning from experience, being open to criticism, and appreciating better people. If you are trying to get rid of excessive prestige and are having trouble, it never hurts to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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Written by   12
1 month ago
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Kayane nyong esih termasuk sing sing gengsine duwur loh. Rasa pamer dalam dirine nyong esih bergejolak seperti api yang membakar hutan di alas Kalimantan. Wkwkwk

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Ya pada Karo nyong,gengsine senduwure gunung Himalaya pokoke...pol ruwure hahaha

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