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Like A Mirror

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1 month ago

To see his face and body, humans need a mirror to look in the mirror. Mirrors are needed for various purposes. Besides being useful for dressing up, it turns out that the mirror tells a lot of noble qualities that should be imitated.

Here we consider the properties of the mirror:

1. Seeing the good and bad of the person in front of him in a balanced way. That is, the mirror does not give a one-sided judgment.

2. Never exaggerate shortcomings, but speak the truth as it is.

3. Pointing out shortcomings directly with a subtle method without hurting feelings. And never talk bad behind your back.

4. Good at maintaining the honor and position of the person who reflects in front of him.

5. The mirror can reflect the image perfectly when the surface is clean and clear. Likewise, humans are able to convey advice when their hearts are clean and their minds are clear.

6. A cracked mirror will misrepresent flaws. People with "cracked" hearts will convey criticism with the wrong method.

7. When the mirror is broken into pieces, the fragments will not reflect the image as a whole. People who are down and broken hearted, will not be able to see the reality wisely.

8. The mirror never saves the ugliness of the person who reflects in front of him. When the mirror is left behind, it erases all the ugliness.

9. The mirror never gets tired of doing its job. Even though the mirror is only visited when needed, he remains faithful in providing advice and direction for self-improvement.

Have fun looking in the mirror….LoL

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Written by   12
1 month ago
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Jadi, apakah anda sudah bercermin hari ini? Jangan tanyakan kepada saya, karena saya sepertinya akan malu untuk bercermin. Hahaha

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1 month ago

Ahahah,saya selalu bercermin pada kaca yang gelap....jadi ya gitu deh seperti nganu

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1 month ago