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Lantern of Life

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2 months ago

Seriously in studying religion, surely we will feel the results slowly, the reward does not have to be with money, but by learning religion will give a new color in living life for the sake of life that changes from day to day, like being present like a lantern that extinguishes the darkness of the soul, not only that, we even easily transfer knowledge to family, friends, neighbors, to other people, so we can easily apply it in daily life, as a form of God's goodness to all of us, God appreciates our struggle in seeking knowledge with great rewards. Rewards, and of course How Allah makes it easy for us to go to heaven.

It is true that not all blessings have to be measured by money, but there are blessings that have great virtue, but we as humans forget and even neglect them, on the contrary with this one goodness, namely learning religion. Sometimes when we decide to study, after we finish studying it is as if we will become known people, not even a few people easily pay us with money because we have become intelligent people because of knowledge.

But do we know? it turns out that learning, especially accompanied by good intentions and seriousness, also gives good results for life. because in Islam everything is regulated from before going to bed until waking up there are adab and rules, so for those of us who are serious about running it with istiqomah, it turns out that we are adding to the coffers of goodness through knowledge too.

With us enjoying the process after the process, we will realize the need for this knowledge is very important Isn't this a blessing that we should be grateful for from studying religion? well because by studying religion we are not learning how to be human but more humane in the sense that we are learning not only to purify ourselves but there are other people who need to be guided and worshipped.

That is the science of religion and we as humans return to the true nature, obedient and submissive to Allah's commands (Sami'na Wa Atho'na).

May Allah always give istiqomah to all of us...

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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