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Just My Imagination

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2 months ago

Now I'm at home.......


I'm feeling really, really bored, I open my phone and hope someone sends me a text message or whatever. I was hoping that maybe there was someone out there who still needed me by his side….Yeah, it might just be a hope that I wouldn't feel bored and lonely.

Sometimes I play cellphone games to kill this boredom, but even then it doesn't last long because I get bored quickly with something.

Is there anything that can make me feel more alive?

Is there anything that can relieve my boredom?

There must be something, because I believe that every thing in the world has a solution. Because God will give a cure for every disease. Sometimes I imagine like a child.

What if I had a super power that could lift an object without touching it?

What if I could build a teleportation device that would allow me to cover miles in a short amount of time?

What if I could read other people's minds?

Imagination is fun because it has no limits. Imagination can be done by anyone and can make you happy even if it's only in your dreams. Yet many adults limit their own imaginations, limiting their own happiness.

Remember, maybe something great in this world might start from imagination, starting from airplanes, lights, telephones and other technologies. And also my writing started from an imagination.

Have you ever wondered why crazy people rarely get sick?

Even though they are always walking aimlessly, they eat dirty and probably stale food. different from normal people's food which is hygienic and healthy, wears neat clothes, sleeps comfortably every night. True, there is one thing that makes the difference, namely happiness. Crazy people are always happy in every situation they face.

Then do I have to be crazy so that my boredom disappears?

No, no...I don't want to go crazy.

Then, is there anything else that can give happiness?

Yeah, we all know that the key to happiness is always being grateful to God for all Gifts.

But am I lacking or not even grateful?

Am I too greedy, too arrogant or too naive?

Is having a feeling of love something I shouldn't have?

I kept asking this question, it kept ringing in my head. stupid question from a soul who doesn't really understand how the world works.

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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