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Fairy Tale Night

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3 months ago

Light rain has fallen since dusk greeted until it stopped at the end of the night.

The joy of all life, including the frogs, did not waste the opportunity to sing, perhaps gleefully welcoming the arrival of water that was accommodated in the hollows of the earth just to breed. Old swamps and ponds are not filled with water.

The fresh breath of trees and lilies in the desert breathes a sigh of relief to be able to find water as a source of livelihood.

Girls at night as well as youths compete to show off themselves in search of identity to sensation. A gentle breeze carried the fishing boats to the water's edge towards midnight with the waves.

Piles of vehicles can be seen lined up along the street with colorful lights making noise, as well as those parked looking for a comfortable place to just hang out and relax, talk about relaxing. Street vendors.

Weekends, maybe that's the reason why late at night doesn't feel so late. Entertainment seekers tired, watching a round ball screen is a favorite of young people. The joy of the national team troops getting full points awaits in the next match. That's what we all hope for.

Round ball outer leagues are mushrooming ready to be watched in all directions as they progress. Looking forward to a mighty league and national team in the future while hopeful.

Weekends are said to be long nights. It's getting late until you don't feel like walking. One after another, jokes were thrown at each other as the night wore on.

The faint sounds of vehicles going back and forth subsided not as busy as after dusk until late at night.

Want to lay down the body that wants to lie down but the ball eyes are reluctant to sleep. The night is getting late, waiting for the morning that is ready to greet. For some reason the eyes refused to sleep even though they had poured a few cups of coffee. While hoping that the ball's eyes can wake up when the morning greets.

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Written by   15
3 months ago
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