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Effective Communication To Influence People

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2 months ago

Effective communication can be interpreted as receiving a message by the communicant or receiver in accordance with the message conveyed by the sender or communicator, then the communicant or receiver gives a positive response as expected.

So effective communication occurs when there is a two-way flow of information between the communicator and the communicant. And the information is equally responded to in accordance with the expectations of the two communicators (communicator and communicant).

Communicating properly is to use conscience when communicating. There are several reasons why the heart needs to be turned on in communicating with other people, namely that everyone not only has a rational mind but also a heart that functions to feel and weigh things, so that every word or attitude is not only captured by the mind but will also be processed by taste.

Words are a reflection of a person's heart. Everyone has the opportunity to interpret every message we produce and communicate. For that, actually words or attitudes are information about ourselves, about who we are and what our character is. A message will build our self-image.

Some of the things we can do to communicate with the heart is to build our sensitivity or sensitivity to the attitudes of others. By paying attention to other people's body language when they interact with us.

These body language attitudes explain what is going on in their minds when communicating with us. Because body language is as an explanation and confirmation of verbal messages produced by someone.

Then show our concern for others in the smallest things they do. For example, when he is in need of something, then ask and fulfill his needs without having him ask for it. Because with things like this we can influence other people based on their needs.

In addition, we need to optimize our senses by observing the attitudes and actions of other people's communication. Listen enthusiastically to their every word, be a good listener. Listen actively and attentively. This means that we see and observe carefully their attitude and body language about what they really want to convey.

Feeling their feelings with empathy, helping their needs without having them express it first. And start from us to start and ready to carry out from small things.

Forms of good communication :

-Willing to listen.

-Training listening skills.

-Giving others a chance to hear.

-Be enthusiastic with the interlocutor.

-Show friendly face.

-Make ourselves safe and comfortable for others.

-Choose and feel every word spoken.

-Talk important and useful.

-Be sincere in every word and don't pretend.

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Written by   15
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