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Be a good listener

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2 months ago

We may often see various classes to become more proficient in public speaking or maybe content on how to cultivate self-confidence to start a conversation. Sometimes we forget that there is an ability that feels simple but takes patience to really be mastered, namely being a good listener.

It's true that being a good listener isn't as special as being an excellent orator, but we may be mistaken that there are many people who just need to be heard. Not just to be heard but to be heard sincerely. Not infrequently we just pretend to hear to give a rebuttal opinion or busy thinking about what response we give to the other person.

To be a good listener, the first thing to do is to avoid distractions around us. The most common distractions we encounter today are gadgets, whether it's a cell phone, laptop, or maybe a gaming device that we can easily carry with us everywhere. Basically, we can tell when our interlocutor is really listening or is actually busy with the distractions that are in front of them.

Try changing our mindset when we want to learn to listen sincerely, make talking as a means of your meditation on the sidelines of activities or when spending time with loved ones. Free your mind from other things and try to focus on the conversation. Respond in moderation, you don't have to keep nodding or answering while listening, allow yourself to respond naturally.

The manifestation of good listening skills is a sense of comfort when we don't know what to say or ask after. When we are no longer anxious and feel we have to always give an answer, it means we are one step closer to being a good listener. Trust that you will be able to find questions or responses as a result of really trying to listen to the other person.

Willingness to be a genuine listener is a form of empathy for others. Make it your chance to talk to see the world from the other person's point of view, so you don't try to pass judgment. Many may think that we can only hear well if the topic is fun, but this actually limits us from the opportunity to learn a lot from other people for free.

Not many people can make stories fun or interesting, so we can try asking questions that can dig other people's stories in a direction that interests us.

Basically we can learn from anyone. Learn about patience from a city transportation driver, learn the meaning of the word sincere from an online motorcycle taxi brother, even learn the meaning of hard work from our grandmothers who always tell the same thing if we can try to listen and give a more sincere response.

When we are willing to learn to listen with all our heart, basically we also increase our ability and reference to talk to other people. Humans really have to be able to listen to each other and be heard to be able to feel meaningful, right?

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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