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What the fork are these tribes ?

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1 month ago

This post is due to a comment from @imtase on one of my lastest posts on Hive

His comment was about the different tribes on HIVE.

Obviously I don't know them all and this post will only be about the ones I know and mostly about the ones I use more or less regularly.

First, what's a tribe ? Well... I'm not sure I know how to explain it properly.

Those tribes are 2nd layer tokens. They are simple tokens linked on the blockchain HIVE. The vast majority of them have their own websites that will let us access all the posts with their tags (and only their tags). To use these tags, and appear on these websites, you just need to abord a subject linked to the theme of the token.

I'll take an easy exemple. With the tag #leofinance you'll appear onto the frontend and as you can see in the name, this community's theme is about Finance.
More than the visibility on the website, you'll also earn some additional tokens. With this exemple, the token is LEO.

On those platform the principle is exactly the same as on HIVE. The more you stake the more your vote is worth. Voting on LeoFinance will also make you vote on hive and every other 2nd layer token which the tag is used.

For exemple, if you upvote this post and stake HIVE, LEO, CTP, POB and others, you'll increase my rewards on all those platforms.

Now, the goal of this post is also to present you several tribes to see if you could use some of them in your posts, increase your rewards and visibility.

I'm going to start with the most specific tokens.


The VIBES' goal is to reward musical content. Hugely used buy @risingstargame players and the game's curator's account itself.

The token is pretty young, around a couple of months and the price is lower than it used to be. It's always a great price and I think it's not going to be lower and it's still really worthy to post on this platform.

To have your post listed on VIBES' frontend you'll need to use #musicforlife tag.

Today around $0.18


This token, even younger than the previous one, is an initiative of @brofund. It has been introduced in this post.

This tribe has been made to reward content about cinema and TVshows and more globally all kind of audiovisuel stuff. I was first wondering if it was not only TVshows and cinema but after making few posts about the production of a clip i worked on, everything came good. I did not receive any down ote and ever got huge upvotes

You need to use the tag #cinetv to be listed on their website.

Today around $0.09


!this token has been made for food content. You may share recipes, cooking advice or you ask for new recipes or even if you take a picture of your meal in a restaurant.

If you want to do a post using #foodie to have some additional rewards on FoodiesUnite, writing in English is not a need. A lot of users are upvoting only depending of the pictures, here having a beautiful picture is sometimes better that writing a great post.

Viewing a tasteful picture is sometimes more useful for readers that understanding the whole text.

Here the price is low but you can earn a lot of tokens. It's easy to earn hundreds of it.

Price around $0.00087


This one is aiming to rewards sport content. I've accumulated a lot with @actifit posts, I even have a alt account for sports curation named @ykretz.sports. Today I don't find enough time for actifit and I'm working on my computer, so I'm not even moving enough to reach my 5000 steps a day.

With the website SportsTalkSocial there is a lot of different categories to be accurately referenced on the frontend. The price is also pretty low but there is a lot of tokens. It's not unusual to get hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of sports, some users are regularly getting hundreds od thousands of it.

Current price : $0.000175


This tokens if for scientific content (STEM for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

No need to go deeper to explain how should look your post to use the tag #stem.

Taking a look from times to times ont STEMGeeks to see new technologies ou current scientific users' project is pretty cool to do.

There are a lot of projects on the platform with different scale. Between the ones who are launching their tech business and the ones creating a road to link two villages anf inally being able to travel from one to the other with vehicles, we can find nearly everything.

Current price : $0.023


No need to tell you more, this is for creative content.


Now I'll go a little faster and present you few tribes that can be used for almost every post you want. What ever you post is about, you'll be able to use these tags.


Proof of Brain is rewarding... content that is a proof of brain.. So use it if you consider your content to be smart enough to prove you have a brain.. And #proofofbrain


I'm not sure I'm totally understanding it. I think you can use it for everypost, just need to write #archon. Stake enough ARCHONs and you'll receive daily rewards of other Hive-Engine tokens.

And to finish, #neoxian#lassecash#bilpcoin#palnet#ash and more are other tokens that are not giving a lot of rewards, but I'm still using it... You now.. HODL

(I'm sorry about that)

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