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The alarmist's - RyanReynoldsChallenge (2/48)

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1 month ago
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This one, like the previous time and like each time I'll watch a movie on the list I never saw, I didn't watched anything about it, nor the synopsis nor even the actors except the ones we see on the poster, the first names you see when you see the movie in the streaming website and obviously Ryan Reynolds.

That mean that I don't know at all how important Ryan will be in the movie. He was the principal character in Ordinary Magic but this wasn't the same here. Here he was the son of principal character's girlfriend.
I'm feeling sad knowing that here he was on screen for almost 10 minutes and the movie was good, but I'll, at a moment I'll need to watch "Fast & Furious Hobbs and Shaw" for a simple cameo..

Tommy starts a new job as a Security system direct seller. He falls in love of Gale, his first customer and starts a love Story with her. After some time, he finds out that his boss uses to trigger some of his customers' alarms by breaking the doors to make them realize they made a good move by purchasing a security system. That makes them talk of the company around them and brings new clients.

And I'm sorry because if I want to talk about this movie, I'll need to spoil it. If you want to see it before, I'll not share anything here but you can easily find it in steaming !

The Subject of the movie

I think the movie is a grand critic about making the justice by oneself and points all the bad sides of having guns.

It starts when Tommy wants to sell a security system to a couple of old person but the Husband is really hostile to this.

Why ?

Because he already has an arsenal to defend himself. A really big rifle, an AK-47 and 2 revolvers plus grenades. And more than that he seems really dangerous with that because he's even menacing Tommy with one of his revolvers.

At a moment, Tommy wants to hurt his boss and the best way to do it to give him the address of the old armed man to burglarize the house. And when he arrives, the owner of the house empty a magazine in his kitchen to try to arrest the burglar. And finish with the revolver without hitting him once. And Heinrich, the Tommy's boss can escape.

What we can see in that scene is that the man with guns isn't protected at all with his guns. He's only dangerous, he doesn't know how to use it at all. He has too much power and a guy breaking into a house isn't deserving death !

The reason tommy did that was because Gale have been killed, and he thinks Heinrich did it.

At then end, he abducts Heinrich and is about to kill him with a bullet in the head when Heinrich say :

You should call the police, maybe they have some news about the case and forget to tell you.

After some time Tommy calls, and yes, they arrested the killer, he killed her only because he was a serial killer and seeking for a victim to kill.

So tommy free Heinrich, apologize, and they become friends again after saying they're both working together again and stopping their shit.

The movie proves "One can't apply the law alone"

The police isn't the only one to do it, and we all know that there are a lot of problem in today's police. But they are almost always making better than just you with a gun.

In this movie, the humor is really disturbing, there is everywhere and creates weird situations. But I don't know how they achieve to do it but even is hard situations where we want anything but laughing, they make jokes, which work, but this isn't making the situation funnier. This is still sad. Just a little cringer.

I don't know a lot of movies that has so uncomfortable scenes. And I know it now, Ryan Reynolds was already like that 24 years ago !

all along the movie there is a music that plays. And I don't know how but the whole soul of the movie was in it. Just with the music you can feel that weird, funny, serious and super speed movie.

The time is really terrible in that movie. They do something really interesting but, they really cut anything that's not totally important in the story. If Tommy is somewhere and go to a bar in the evening, you will not see him go in his car, drive, the sunsetting and the conversation starting. There's two steps, first he's at the first place and cut then we have the conversation in the bar, even the music stopped.

And that's like that during the first 30 minutes of the movie, and sometimes between 2 scenes there is 2 hours but sometimes 3 weeks and you don't know util they say it ! That's really easy to be lost in the timeline of the movie.

That's the end of the movie review, here's the time for Ryan Reynolds's review

I said in the presentation post that there will be a chapter about his physic for each movie and I forget it for the first, which is the most different from the others because this is the only one where he's thin. So this one will be a 2 in 1.

In ordinary magic, Ryan is as I said pretty thin and looks small compared to the other movies.

The reason is, he's 17, his character is supposed to be 15 and that totally works ! And 3-4 years later for the alarmist, his around 20 years and I don't know how old he's supposed to be but I would guess around 17 and that also works !

I myself played a 17 years old character when I was 21 and that worked too ! Ryan Reynolds is making me more confident about my future, we was absolutely not at his best when he was 20 but who would say he's ugly now ? Probably not

I still have my chances to be nice later, I'll just need to make long sports sessions and earn a few million $, nothing difficult I think !

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Written by   29
1 month ago
Topics: Movie, English, Netflix, Blogger, Journey, ...
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