"Nobody" - A pale copy of "John Wick" ?

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Few days ago I saw the poster of Nobody.

On the french version of it, something more is written : "By the writer of John Wick"

So, Bob Odenkirk, a fighting movie by the writer of John Wick. What does that mean ? 🤔

For me this means extreme beautiful violence with some subtle self mockery. That's totally what we can find in it, before going in "deeper" analyzes I'll share with you the story of the movie.

Hutch Mansell is a nobody. He works in a factory, has a wife with two children. He's having a strict routine, doing week after week the same things. Coffee, sports, bus, work and missing the garbage.🚛
One night, two burglars introduce in his house and his son totally lost respect for him when he lets the criminals escape without fighting.

As you can imagine when they want to make a movie which is for me inspired by John Wick, the movie is really beautiful. Always great lights and useful slow motion.

Here I have two important things to say :

1) This movie is the exact opposite of John Wick

2) This movie is exactly the same as John Wick

How can it be both the opposite and the same ? I don't know, but a lot of thing shows that. The whole movie is a concentration of the 3 John Wick Movies. This is not a like a parody, and this is pretty well made in my opinion.👌🏻

The main difference is that John Wick is a victim. Someone kills his dogs and steals his car. Everything he wants is to get back the car and avenge the dog. That leads him to terminating a bunch of russians and being chased a lot of people and that bring him back to the mercenaries' universe.

Hutch have been robbed and nothing happened. That's just, after few days he decided to fight because he needed to let off steam. And by doing that, he might have kicked the a** of a member of an important russian family. And the big brother sends all his men to kill that.. Nobody.

If you liked John Wick movies, You will also like Nobody.

I know I already told you too much that's why If you don't want to be spoiled anymore you should stop reading now and read the next lines only after watching the movie.🎬

I want to make a bigger list of things the three JW and Nobody have in common.

  • They Both are overtrained to combat and retired to have a normal life.

  • The story starts when burglars introduce in their houses.

  • They take some money, gold and guns hidden in their house before kicking a*ses🦵

  • Their houses are burned.🔥

  • There are some mystical people than can provide special services. (JW=The continental ; Nobody=The Barber)

  • The bad guy is a Russian who wants to avenge his family.

  • Everybody fears what the main character did in his past career.

That are the main lines of both universes. But those movies aren't the same at all, because there is always differences.

John Wick was an international criminal while Hutch Mansell was working for the government. JW stopped his job to live normally with his wife while HM only wanted to have a normal life, then met his wife.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

The burglars destroyed the remaining humanity of John Wick by killing and stealing the only things that linked him to his late wife while they only stole few bucks to HM.

John wick is a victim, the russian burglar forced John wick to become a mercenary again. Hutch just wanted to fight and started himself what happens next by almost killing the little brother of the bad guy.

Because John Wick fights better, Hutch needed to have a plan. He buys his company and transform the factory into an arena with a lot of traps. John wick only took guns and killed everyone.⚔️

Hutch burned his own house to erase proofs while people burned John's House to force him to restart his work.

The main difference is here. When someone hears John Wick he's instantly scared of him, of the Baba Yaga. When they hear about Hutch Mansell.. Nothing, because he's nobody. Until they see what he did and then, are afraid !

That guy, who is the fake Dean in few Community episodes. Each time I see him, It's like he is exactly the same person as the Dean. The same in this movie, I'll not tell you more If you didn't see the movie.

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1 year ago
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Oiii, spoilers alert 😵, you didn't give us a warning 🙄, haha just kidding. Haven't watch the new Part of John Wick, because the part 1 is the best and I just can't force myself to like the others, I dunno I got bored or maybe it's because the resolution of the movie I downloaded was very low 😅

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1 year ago

That's true I could put a warning 😅

For me the 3rd is better than the 2nd ! But it's needed to watch it in HD because they are really beautiful !!

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1 year ago

Hahaha, well it's okay for me coz I love being spoiled when it comes to the movie or series I am watching. The feeling is still the same even if I read some info about it lol.

I will look at it again and will download it, but I have to watch the first one again, it's been a years already since I watch it.

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1 year ago

Greatly analysed. 👌 I was thinking to write an article on this topic, Nobody and John Wick but you wrote it first.. But I'll try doing it with some new points 😉

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1 year ago

Yes ! Go For It ! I would like to see someone's else opinion !! 😁

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1 year ago