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National Lampoon's Van Wilder's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (8/48)

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2 months ago

I'm really happy.

This is the movie I discovered Ryan Reynolds with almost 10 years ago now.

It was in 2011 I think. When I was 11-12 years old. I was only discovering how to use the internet to watch movies for free and use software that are expensive as hell. I was just discovering peer-to-peer download and I was browsing few hours a day websites with a lot of torrents to find new movies to watch.

I remember at this time I was watching at least 2 movies per day. And when you watch that much movies you are forced to discover new things, great and bad. And that movie is one of the great ones, at least for me !

That was probably the moment when my favorite movies were the 3 first American pies.

The whole story takes place at Coolidge College where Van Wilder, played by Ryan Reynolds, is studying since now 7 years.
The fact is he doesn't go to the classes at all, he's just here to enjoy the college, the parties, the events and anything he likes.

We can see pretty fast that everyone know him, he's helping sports teams, creating events like the naked mile, giving contraceptive advice to the younger students.

Van's life is going to change when during his 7th year his dad doesn't want to finance his school this year. Van Will need to find enough money (70k for the year) to make it himself. He start to create a revising business and organize parties for money. At the same time, Gwen Pearson, played by Tara Reid, journalist for the campus' journal have for mission to make an article about Van.

I decided to make the story and the casting as the same title for one reason.

That movie is for a lot of things really similar to the American Pies. So much that he even has some actors. From Tara Reid to the Sherminator for the first movie but I want to say that there have also been 2 sequels and they are different.

The only remaining actor on the second movie is Kal Penn and he's not there for the 3rd one. But in the last one we have Steve Talley who is the Stifler of 2 American pies, not the best but not the worsts 😅

The main lines of the story are the same as in an American pie. There is love, there are parties and at least one virgin character and even if there is not too much nudity there are still some gross moments. I will say nothing more than : The Dog

Before talking of his physic in that movie I have something else to say.

I know that this movie meant a lot for Ryan Reynolds, that's probably one of his first success and probably the one that make him known.

You can see it for many things, his name on most of social media is still @vancityreynolds and I'm more than happy that someone already took that name here but I'm disgusted when I see that the account joined in septembre 2018 on steem.

And more than that there are a lot of things that can be seen in that movie that will have an impact on future movie. Spoiler, I'll talk of it on my Deadpool 2's review !

For this movie. For the first time in a movie like that, the actor is the same age than the character, 25. And I have to say something. I am currently 22 years old and I would love to learn that in 3 years I could have. About like that.

I'm not thinner than him in Ordinary Magic so I could become like that. But I think that need work and as you could watch on my actifit account @ykretz.sports I only manage to make like 25 pushups per day. So miserable 😖

I don't always understand when happens with his hair and I imagine that the years 2000 made damages on everyone's clothes. That's not terrible just ok why not.

When we arrived at a moment, he says a sentence and I don't know the exact one because I'm a stupid french guy and watch it dubbed in french but it's something like :

Don't take the life too seriously or you'll not get out alive.

And my girlfriend laughed because she found it a little ridiculous and I have to admit like I felt a little, (just a little don't worry (she's reading)) upset.

That sentence have at least at a moment been important too me. Not like if it was leading my life but I think I felt like it was totally fitting with how I think life is. And I always made actions in that way, I can be serious but only When it's needed and I think that often helped me to be happy !

That's why I think it's great in that movie and that's why I loved it so much and how he made me fall in love with Ryan Reynolds !

I discovered a lot of things in that movie. I already saw that a lot of time ago. Probably when I watched the movie for the first time after watching Breaking bad. And during the same watch I also saw another man from another series !

When I discovered Aaron Paul in Van Wilder I was really excited to see that he was a really tiny role in that really small movie in which there are so many actors !

I never really watched Big Bang Theory but I saw enough of it to recognize that man ! That Was just funny to saw him as a small role that we mostly don't hear. He only has like one or two sentences but that's magic !

I realized that there are still a lot of his movies that I never saw. Like I said to you that.. unhealthy obsession came to life in 2012 I think. But even since 2012 there are still few movies that I didn't watched.
Between 2012 and today there are still 4 movies 8 need to watch for the first time and before 2012 there are 6. + The 6 I already reviewed and didn't know.

Here's a fan of Ryan Reynolds who didn't watched 16 of his 47 current movies It's almost 35% of his movies ! Shame on me.

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Written by   30
2 months ago
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This is a beautiful post, thanks for sharing this with us, especially the way you described the movies.

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2 months ago