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I finally decided to buy new packs - Unlocking new missions !! - RisingStar

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5 months ago

Only one or two weeks ago I made a post to say I started to stake my Starbits On VFTLabs until I reach 100,000 to be able to buy 12 packs in a single time.

But With all that time I only reached 40k and that started to be really long. I was seeing my earnings being smaller each day due to ego and nothing helping me with my fans or anything that could unlock new missions.

That's why I took the decision to stop to wait and buy 4 pack at a time. Even if there is no discount.

That made me gain few cards, 12 to be precise.

With this we I was really confident because E23 was totally the kind of card I was seeking. Especially when you see its actual price on the market

I'm absolutely not going to sell it because I really want to play the missions I unlocked and being able to earn more starbits to buy more packs.

And I really thought there was always 1 great card in each pack. For all the other packs I realized I was totally wrong...

In all these ones there is nothing really great I think. Hopefully I have some skills so help with the Ego.

I was at 800 fans ans now reaching 1345 ! I unlocked 2 new missions and now "Record a demo" Is the biggest mission I can do

If you want to join the game you can do it thanks to this link, if you don't already have a Hive account, follow this link

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Written by   29
5 months ago
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