CASINO - Shooting over ! Editing in progress

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Hi everyone !

Today I'm sharing with you the progression of one of the projects I'm working on.

I already told you about it several times, the last clip of Ennio named "Sommet" and I made an actifit post with my alt account @ykretz.sports about the shooting of "Casino".

I was pretty hard for me because I slept only 2 hours before filming.

This time, I'm not only the Director of photography but also the editor. And that's a great thing because I'm also paid twice the amount of the last time !! 🤑

This post is more about showing you few photos than anything else. I think the clip should be released in less than three wees and I will be back to share it with you at this moment !

The shooting took place in a blockhouse, the hardest part of it was to lift 30-40kg boxes on the roof without stairs or ladders. We had to climb it and that was really terrifying because if only one box fell, we would have to pay 3000€ to repay it. And we don't have than money.

You can already see the first promotion pu=ictures on instagram

Here I'll show you some other pictures that the team took during the shooting, something like a making of :

Here you can see how we were creating the light, trying to make it like if was the moonlight :

Pretty fast the night disappeared and I was the only one left on the roof able to see that fabulous sky :

And here's how it's looking like when we watch it from the road. We need to walk through the plants to be able to reach it.

Since the shooting was shot only on that place I don't have a lot more pictures to show you.
Just one single image directly from the camera :

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Topics: Review, Movie, Community, Clip, Video, ...


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