Farming Kitten on Mistswap

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1 year ago

SmartBCH, a sidechain of bitcoin cash, was successfully launched last July 30, 2021 and have been supported by BCH community and miners.

SmartBCH has been trending after its launch especially in noise cash, a place or site for Bitcoin cash supporters, lovers, traders, and hodlers. Many tokens were created and one of those tokens is kitten.


Source: MarketCap.Cash (October 21, 2021)

Kitten, a SEP20 token, is the cutest meme token on smartBCH

  • Contract address: 0x7ebeadb95724a006afaf2f1f051b13f4ebebf711

You can trade it on benswap, mistswap, and muesliswap. However, it doesn't have enough liquidity on benswap so I suggest the other two.


Someone mentioned me in kitten Twitter airdrop. I am one of those who have received 1 million kitten from their first airdrop. I also bought some and accepts kitten in exchange of bitcoin cash (small amount only haha I am not rich). Recently, I tried to farm it on Muesliswap and mistswap.


At this moment, I assume that you already know what mistswap is. It allows us to trade tokens, farm and stake it on pools. Its phase is different from benswap and muesliswap. You may visit the website to confirm it.

No one will going to refuse passive income so let's start farming kitten on mistswap.

FIRST STEP: Visit the website and connect your wallet.


Go to swap page and choose BCH and WBCH as pair then click wrap.

THIRD STEP: Provide liquidity

Go to liquidity tab and choose the pair kitten and WBCH. Approve WBCH and confirm adding liquidity.

You will receive LP tokens that can be use in farming.

FOURTH STEP: Choose the Farm Pool

Look for kitten/WBCH farm pool and click it.

FIFTH STEP: Stake kitten/WBCH pool tokens

Input the amount , stake , and confirm the transaction.

Congratulations! You successfully stake your kitten. You can harvest and/or unstake it anytime by clicking harvest and/or unstake respectively.


Author's note: Article no. 02

I sincerely thank you for reading my content, giving likes, comments, upvote, and subscription. I hope this article somehow helps you on farming kitten on mistswap. I am not forcing anyone to farm any pool tokens. It must be your own choice so always do your own research.

My smartBCH address is 0xB3fa9f4D80759bdD13Cb267721DEaAc39f746395. Feel free to send some tokens haha I'm just kidding. MoreGainStrategies said that participants should put their address in their article for checking and validation.

Have a great day!

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1 year ago


Well done. Thank you for your submission I to the writing contest!

By the way, you can leave out the step of wrapping BCH. That is done automatically when you add liquidity. So when you select normal BCH and KITTEN, the BCH is automatically wrapped. 😊

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1 year ago

I see. Thank you. Should I removed and/or edit it? I never asked any when I wrote it. It was just the product of exploring . Haha

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1 year ago

Sorry for the late reply. You can remove that step, but you dont need to. 😊

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1 year ago

It's really a good to teach us like in easy way about kitten token. But I didn't not use MISTSWAP or any other because I didn't know the more knowledge about these swaps. It's taken more time to get the knowledge about this.

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1 year ago

Thank you. ♥️ I used both mistswap and muesliswap. I love milk (native token of muesliswap) but someone already explained how to farm using muesliswap that's why I try farming kitten on mistswap instead 😊

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1 year ago