You keep forgiving someone until you unlove them.

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2 years ago

I gave you so many chances and forgave you too many times until I just couldn’t any more.

I wanted to believe- I tried to believe- and I still ended up getting hurt.

When you pour yourself into someone you love, you always have faith that they’re doing their best not to hurt you.

I was so wrong about you, sadly.

Even though I had to walk away and save what was left of my self respect, I must thank you for opening my eyes to some difficult truths.

It’s so hard to know when to keep forgiving and when you’ve had enough, but I recognized the moment I stopped caring.

Your actions didn’t hurt me anymore and my heart just became numb.

I got hurt so much and so often by you, my walls grew so high, the feelings weren’t able to get past them anymore.

I’m walking away knowing that I did my best and loved you with all that I had, but that wasn’t enough..

Truthfully, I don’t know if anyone will be able to ever love you the way you need until you face your demons.

It was my fault for trying to fix you and keep forgiving you when I shouldn’t have, but it was your fault for continuing to break my heart, little by little.

I truly hope you find what you’re looking for and happiness is on your horizon, because I know now what I don’t want in my next relationship.

I demand and deserve the respect, loyalty and love that I less.

The memories still sting a little, but not like they used to, and one day soon, they won’t bother me at all.

I’m healing, growing and rising again.

I can finally look forward to my future again instead of holding my breath waiting for the next disaster.

At long last, like I should have decided long ago, I’m free to live, love and chase my dreams.

Thank you for being the lessons I needed to learn along the way.

You helped make me what I couldn’t have become without the fire of struggle.

Brave, strong and free.


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2 years ago


The title got me! If you live someone, you would always forgive. But once the love is gone, it's very hard for the person to recover

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1 year ago