Thank you and Goodbye year of 2021

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2021 started was not soo good for all of us people because at first we still facing the pandemic covid-19. We are suffering and limit ourselves from interacting people because of fear.We need to get up and continue our life even we feel tired and its getting harder because some of us left from their jobs because it needs to closed because of lack of income and cannot operate well because of the quarantine status that from time to time changes.

As the months goes by we are starting to recover but not yet fully recovered because still covid is there.

But we people make more stronger in every challenges and hindrances that we encounter in our life. We don't let those fears ruin us and broke our life .

And then before the Christmas there comes another trials ,a super typhoon hit many places and left a big damage.

Christmas and New year for some people had been sad but still they didn't stop praying and fighting.

So for this we had many bad and good memories in the year 2021, let us left behind and forget those bad memories and cherish those happy and unforgettable happenings.

Before this year ends let us don't forget to get rid of those hatred in our heart,let makes this more greatful.

And as we welcome the year 2022 hopefully it will much more good and a blessfull year.

Happy new year to all.

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2021, one of the toughest years for businesses.

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