"How to stand life without nothing."

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2 years ago

I'm a person came from a family which has nothing in life but as years past but we manage to go on with our lives with positive thoughts and trust with god.

I am born in a poor family. We are a complete happy family even if my aunt's did not like my mom for their brother,my father but they had nothing to do.

My father work hard just for us even if he has a low income in his job.

A few years past god got him from us..in his death,and in is burial his family decided to seperate me and my siblings but my mom did not agreed for the reason that it is not a good idea. She work hard for us just to raise us,molded us into a good person. she sent us school even if her income is just enough for our daily needs. Life is harder for us,my father family did not even try to help us.

One day ,they talked to us & said if we want their help but my mom did not accept their help for some reason.

As many years goes by..we tend to survive and fulfill what our mom wants to us. We finish studies without the help of others or the help of my father's family . They saw the effort and strive of my mom until we graduated and had job..

They had nothing to say.and now they are open to us ,they are not just the same as the previous ..

As they judge us and underestimate us ,we think and it serve us our inspiration to reach our desire in life,and reach our goal.

Now ,we our successful. And continue with our life..Its been different from our life before but we still continue our lives being complete ,happy and contented even if still their are people being judgemental and maybe they jealous of what we had now..

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