Being a starter earner of BCH or cryptocurrency.

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2 years ago

I once an innocent if how BCH and other cryptocurrency operated and be use as earnings and how can it help to us..

As one of those who are searching for an earning site, I saw people earning BCH,BTC,etc. I've been confuse.

I saw one post in a group in earning site I decided to ask how and he/she replied and explained ,he/she thought me the earning site. She/he said everything that needed to do on how to earn and I first ask if it is legit,and she/he said that "Yes" ,so I decided to try..

Last January 2021 I started to try the site and earn the BCH cryptocurrency I've been surprised that only for a minute it automatically posted in my BCH address and account and for a day/s been surprised for the amount I been earn,so I continue using it.

Honestly at first I didn't believe and said that it is just like those other site that said that it is legit but no payment or earnings return to you..

You strive too much but no in return.

But this is one is very legit and even low it is a big help as an extra income ..

Until now I've been using this earning type.

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