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1 year ago

During pandemic my husband and i have no job because of the various quarantine status of each places from luzon,visayas and mindanao.

Our company are closed but thankful because we are still accepting our monthly salaries.

And how many months passby the quarantine status has been lifted and there are various company get back to operate but my husband quit to work and he come up to his mind to do some own crafts made with bamboo.

And then he made various designs. He come up with the first style our very own bamboo pot because that time plants are more indemand ,lots of people buying plants so we come up on that idea. We try to post in social media and sell and been happy for the feedbacks and inquiry.

5 layer bamboo pot
3ft tall bamboo pot

My husband is the one who made the bamboo crafts. And i am the one posting and entertaining inquiries. I need to managed my time because i am working and the same time having our small business.

Second is we come up a bamboo lamp shade design which is the product of us that lots of people like and buy.Because of its bright light and attractive designs.

3 lights
Spiral bamboo lampshade

The third and last design is the bamboo speaker. It was our last we stop and accepting orders because we have some customer who ask for a customized design and also my husband have some projects and jobs to work to.

Bamboo speaker

This was our small business during covid - 19 and when quarantine status have been tightened.

There were those some of our designs of bamboo crafts.

We are planning to back in our small business because even it gives help for us and also we saw that many people are fun of those crafts especially those people who is fun of unique things.

And we are planning to expand and create more designs.


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1 year ago


Thank you for appreciating our works maybe soon we can continue our small business even we will start again from the beginning..

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1 year ago

This is awesome and art. It's great to read how you two acted and found a way to make an income. I hope you won't give up on it. It's originally, makes a good present and if you lived close to me I would buy it for sure.

Success with your business and all the best for 2022. 🍀💖

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1 year ago