When The Doctor Can't Help Anymore

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Madam, we are sorry there is nothing we can do right now. This is way to beyond our medical expertise and knowledge when it comes to treating cases like this, the doctor said with this air of disappointment written all over his face. She knew what had come upon her even when he didn't mentioned it to her.

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She walked out of the hospital dejected, scared and out of hope. Who would have thought the place were we come for treatment could be a place were we get the worst news of our life.

I know everyone is wondering what could have made the doctor made such pronouncement but it is quite easy to come up with it. Different people visit the hospital when they are sick at different stages.

There are the ones who come immediately the feel symptoms that are unusual. The other set visit the hospital when they have tried all possible means but it all proves abortive, so they present to the hospital reluctantly and in most cases, the disease has progressed in it's stage. 

The last group come to the hospital with the help of their relatives, maybe when they have gone into coma or couldn't move anymore due to severity of the case.  Which category do you fall in?

It is unwise for an individual who is sick to present to the facility when the disease is severe when such an individual could have done that at the early stage. Being ignorant of the effect or what that could cause to them is what I am here to discuss with you all.

Let's assume a woman with a lump in her breast if presented to the hospital at the early stage could be treated with less stress than the own who comes when the lump has developed into a full blown cancer and has metastasis into other part of her body like the bones, axillary lump nodes and the liver. In such cases, it is difficult to prove you are a master of your field because you will be dealing with a stage 4 cancer which could affect even her nerves and in such occurrence leads to the loss of function of such nerve involved. 

Everyone has their reason of not presenting to the hospital on time. It could be of religious reasons; does this sound odd to you? I have seen cases where a lady was stopped by her religious leader from seeking medical attention because to him it is a way of belittling the healing power of God. This makes me wonder when did the Bible kick against going to the hospital for medical attention. 

It could be a reason based on past experienced of losing a loved one in the hospital. That fear could hinder them from presenting to the hospital on time because they feel, such incidence could also befall them. 

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Another could be financial restraints which could prevent an individual from seeking medical attention on time. 

All these are excuses people give but then it is not enough reason to endanger your life because of one reason or the other. The major aim of going to the hospital should be to get medical help and not to be told of such news found in the opening of my post. 

Presenting yourself to the hospital when you begin to feel symptoms is a sure remedy of having yourself cured completely. Remember when you delay to present yourself at the hospital, you will feel more pains and your health keeps on deteriorating. This is not what you want for yourself, your main aim was to get well soon and go about your duties and not to be told of the number of days or months you have to live before you finally die. 

You can make the doctor help you by presenting yourself early to the hospital, taking all your drugs accordingly and at the right dose. You are in charge of your life here on earth, live it to the fullest. Don't allow any disease hinder you from seeking medical attention. I have heard stories of people who committed suicide because the got infected with HIV/AIDS. Though technology is still revolving and a lot of drugs are still under investigation for the permanent cure of AIDS. You should not be shy to seek medical attention as the disease could be properly managed. 

I urge you all to encourage the sick, either through advice, financial help or otherwise for them to visit the hospital on time to avoid conditions beyond repairs. 

Have a wonderful day and stay positive.

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1 year ago


I know it's not food but I fall under the second group. I can't even remember the last time I visited an hospital for sickeness, the highest has been a visit to a nearby chemist

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1 year ago

Self medication is the worst thing anyone should practice. Please avoid it.

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1 year ago