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Parenthood in the past and Parenthood now.

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11 months ago
Topics: Parenthood

For me having a child is the greatest gift we could ever have. They can be our source of happiness and strength. In them, we can feel the love that's beyond imaginable. We will do everything for them to keep safe and happy.

Having a child can be a wonderful experience. It can be thrilling to love someone so much and have someone love you in return. It can be rewarding to provide a nurturing environment for a child and watch that child grow and develop within it. However, parenting is a huge, ongoing responsibility it is not something to be taken lightly.

In early Filipino children were expected to work and contribute to the family's economic well-being by the time they were 6 or 7. But today childhood has been extended. Young people often do not reach economic independence until well into their 20s. Raising children in isolation and for longer periods of time has made children today particularly demanding.

In the past when people got married, it was assumed they would have children. Today this is not always the case. Changing social attitudes, economics, the importance of education and careers, and new advances in reproductive medical technology have made it possible for parenthood to be a delayed or a deliberate choice.

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Yes that's true, in this generation many married couple doesn't want to have a child the soonest because they're more focus on their career and they wanted to enjoy their life together as a couple. But there are also some who loves to have kids right after they got married.

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11 months ago

Yes sis.. me i married because i get pregnant but i never regret because I have no a loving son and two daughters there are my weakness and strenght.

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11 months ago