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Who are the good people you know?

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1 month ago

I know that you’ve heard this question already.It came from a tv commercial in which a mom did ask her son while they were eating.Who are the good people you know?This maybe sounds so simple question but I find it’s vitality in some ways.

Are we a kind of person who can see the good in every human rather than just negative things with anyone else?

In life,we can’t choose our relatives, our sister in law,cousins,parents and our neighbors.Most of the time, it happens to the neighborhood some argument and negative talks because there are a lot of unlikely things around and of course because as human we are so weak, that’s why we can see those negative things.

Personally,I have a hard time dealing with people around me, there are some people around me that I didn’t like, because of their attitude and ways of talking.

Our brain can be trained according to some psychologists, by doing an exercise consistently.We know that our thinking affects the way we live and with relating to other people.This topic really is true to me,oftentimes I’m stressed to see some people in my place which I don’t really like. By Vulkan ulmiz

Here’s some lesson that I learned;

  • Change of Mindset

Mind setting is very important like when you were walking on a street and you will say that you’ll never see a black car, and while you walk your always wondering if there are some black car that pass the road .

Just like when we are stressed with some people around, we can set our mind that we want to see some kindness from our neighbors or family members ,and that will set as our goal for the day.So,it means that we’re not going to highlight negative behaviors but the positive characters that they have.

  • Focusing

Mostly, we can focus on negative side of everyone, place or in any situations.Our focus is what will motivate us, and for me it’s choosing our battles.If we choose to set our mind on others failure and mistakes it can be so depressing in our part but if we choose to be optimistic we can just live lively and happy.

Just like playing a dart our main objective is to target the bulls eye, that’s why we keep on playing over over again until we finally hit.

But this things will not happen instantly, it’s just like doing a daily routine that takes a lot exercise, it needs constant practice until we can easily apply it in our system.We are not a perfect person to get done easily these things but as long as we tried harder to achieve it, we can do it.

Everything begins with our mind, that’s why we need to filter everything that comes in, things that can influence us and may result to have a bad day.As we open our window in the morning, and see the people around there the battle begins.

Mind setting and focusing are like shield with our mind and our eyes to visualize only those that we allowed to get in.As we can see, there are a lot of toxic things around, whether in physical or virtual world.And our mind is the most essential part that we need to protect so that it will not contaminate us as a whole.

Of course the people I know who are good to me are my parents as always there for me since I was young.And my siblings who understand my weaknesses and failures.

And also those people who help me in my life’s journey everyday and never leave me in times of trials.There are a lot of people that surrounds us everyday.

Who cares?

Why do I need to see the good things in people?

Simply because we are created to live not to be alone, we are ought to live with everybody.And if we are so critical with them, we just make ourselves prison with our own ways.”Life is meant to be shared,not to just keep it, or hide it.”We should take the risk of connecting the people around us.

If we are about to classify the good and bad people,I think for me it’s hard to judge anybody especially when we say that they are bad, it’s offending and very rude when others could hear it.Or,I may call it,”prejudice “,assuming someone is a bad person.

Like a person who is wearing tattoo all over the body, they are sometimes easily been judge by others because of their appearance and attire.Although we didn’t know them intimately, this means that being human we have the weak part of seeing things outwardly and easily jump into conclusion.

Well, according to the holy scripture there is no one who is good, except God. This means that everyone is not perfectly created, we all have weakest spots.Thats why we should have a better understanding with anybody else.Because for me,I think we are all the same,who can feel, think, emotional and sometimes angry,rude, nagger and many more.

We should have better understanding of variety of people that we can encounter.If we have a lot of relatives or siblings, that is the equivalent of diversified character we need to deal with.

IF I USED TO RATE MYSELF IF I AM GOOD FROM 1-10,Hehe hmmm maybe I can say I’m on 6.Which means I do have a lot of bad habits sometimes that people may not like.

I will not classify myself as perfectly good,maybe I’m a moderate level.Im good to people who are good to me.Maybe because I’m not matured enough to accept others failures.

Im still willing to learn to become a person who is good.From day to day my life is still molded by the potters hand into a perfect design that He want me to become.

There’s the only that I can say, perfectly good, and it’s my God, the “Almighty One”.

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Until here guys,I assume it will take forever before I can perfectly write this article,hehe

Thanks to my sponsors,I’m so grateful to all of you, even if I’m not active daily because of some hindrances lately.

Thanks for dropping here, share your opinion below.

”Believe that there is good in you,them,he and she.”


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Written by   100
1 month ago
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Hehe tama po yung mind setting relate ako diyan hehe sinasabi ko lagi please calm forget it and smile mostly yan yung iniisip ko pag nagagalit ako hehe

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1 month ago

I am one of those people who always try to see the positive side of everything that happens to me. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it has helped me not to be filled with hatred or resentment for anything or anyone. God is the only one who should judge us.

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1 month ago