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What is this all about?Paru-parung Bukid,Filipino folk song

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2 months ago

Filipinos are rich in culture and traditions and also with folk songs.Folk song according to my own understanding, these are the songs that specifically belong to a group of people like this song,”Paru-parung bukid,an original Filipino folk song,”which is one of my favorite song which I remember we sang it very often during grade school.Some folk songs are not very long ,it’s just repeated over and over again.

Some folk songs that I know like Sitsiritsit,Bahay kubo,Leron leron Sinta and many more.

The “Paru-parung bukid is the one that I find memorable since my teacher in Araling Panlipunan have tackled this when I was in high school.She said that this song and the paru-paru symbolizes the “traditional Filipino women”who wears a traditional dress like “Filipiniana”.

Traditional women used to wear this dress which we can rarely see in today’s generation.Which having a modest character, and a very sound way of moving.During my elementary days we used to wear this kind of dress during contests when we used to participate in folk dance contests.

As times passed everyone have embraced the changes that this world demands like with fashion.The Filipino women of today’s wears clothing that trends online and a new fashion style which is far from the old ways of ancient women.But as for me,it’s a part of changes that we should faced and embraced.

The women of today were also having a difference during old times, where they are used to stay at home.But today, they are more adventurous and able to do things which is done by men.

This is just the reality that I think we need to accept,because as our days becomes tough and hard we may not able to go along the changes if we will not explore of new things.

Filipina women are known to be known to be “strong”,they can lead business,company,and even become leaders of the nation like our past president.Even though the women of today’s generation are not the same with how did women before act it’s still a Filipino character of being tough in any different field of life.

A Filipino woman is compared to a “paru-parung bukid and it will always remind me of how did women should be.I remember when I was young there are still girls who used “payneta” and when I was a kid my mother used to buy dress for me that is long almost reached my ankle.

She teaches me to become a traditional Filipina in dress up style and I follow it until I reached high school but when I grow up I don’t used to it anymore.A traditional women are very conservative and that’s why until now I am a bit of conservative too.Even though I didn’t wear any long dresses but I don’t wear anything that will show my body like shorts or spaghetti which some women do like to wear.So,in short I’m out of fashion 🙈always wear pants and jogger or a skinny type of pants for as long as no skin involved.Even if my husband will tell me that I should try to wear shorts but I really don’t like it.And now that I have a daughter she’s like me also who did not wear shorts.Maybe it really runs through our family,but my cousins were not like me they wear dress that they like.

It maybe a matter of influence from the past generations where my mothers was also raised,and it became my identity every time there’s someone who will offer clothes to us they already knew what type of clothes we want to buy.


How about you?What folk song did you like,whether you are a Filipino or even if you live in different part of the world.

Folk songs are something to be proud of as a citizen of our country, because it tells about our cultures and what did the people do, whether in traditions, cultures or other Filipino practices.

By the way,I also like the steps while singing that song,”Paru-parung bukid “it’s just like waving your body while holding the long dress that we wear.

Whether you are traditional of millennial its our own choice with what we like to wear,it is our right to do so for as long as we will never forget our culture as a Filipino.

Women today have already embraced the trend of generations,that’s what we are,willing to learn and improve ourselves if there are chances.

This is all I can say for today,I hope you enjoy this folk song.

I just like to remember the old days,I miss to hear this folk song of my high school days where the kids today doesn’t know or even have it on their playlist.

Lead image:from Yoishi Kageyama

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Written by   98
2 months ago
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Oh my sis namiss ko yung mga times na pinatutugtog to ng grandma ko tuwing walang klase. Ito yung nagsilbing YouTube nuon eh. Hayyy good old days.

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2 months ago

Talaga pinapatugtog ng Lola mo,ang gaping sa bahay never ko tong narinig sa school long talaga.

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2 months ago

Oo kapag wala kaming pasok. Marami kaming cd nuon ng mga awiting pambata. Cd pa kasi uso hehe

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2 months ago

Ang pinakatananda ko sa lahat hanggang ngayon is yung bahay kubo hehe..

Ako din medyo conservative din akong tao pagdating sa pananamit hindi naman sa hindi sumusunod sa uso hindi lang ako sanay manamit ng crop top at sexy short hehe

$ 0.03
2 months ago

Dati na truly ko magsuot ng crop top pero na bully ako sa school kaya di ko na inulit,Matagal na yong high school pa ako Kung sana Di pa uso.

$ 0.00
2 months ago