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Valuing our Parents before it's too late

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2 months ago

"DEAR sons and daughters,

"Value your parents, give them love, respect,and as much as possible show and express your love for them before it's too late."

September 09,2021 ,is a very sad moment for our family because my grandmother died at age 86. If you are following my posts, I already shared here about here old aged moments. If you haven't read it, here's the link if you like to.

I'm not close to her growing up, but when she already lived near our see her being alone, I often saw her every day, and she has a lot of hot-tempered moments almost every day. And now, I can't believe or it didn't already sink in, with my brain that she's already dead. I can still remember when she passed by here in my backyard and sleep in my swing almost every day to have fresh air. And she often called me when she needs something like ointment, medicine, or even to buy soap for her to the grocery store.

My grandmother is not closed to her children, it seems that they have a gap and I can hear her says, "that she already miss them, "a few days ago when she's not feeling better.Even if she is fighting life and death,was can't bring her to the hospital because of the current situation, she may be diagnosed as covid positive and we can't be able to bring her home and give her a proper burial.That's a very sad reality of our life today,especially we are poor and we can't afford to buy remdisivir for covid treatment.We just coosed our eyes and accept the fact that she already died.

I observe a day before she died, she seems like a baby who wants someone to care for her, she's so sweet and talks very smoothly to everyone. I can see with her eyes looks different, and she doesn't respond right away to a conversation she will just stare at me before answering.

Maybe the problem is when she is sick is because no one is having focused to care for her, everybody is saying they're busy and tired. But they didn't know that it was her way of getting attention to her children. Thats what I'm talking about in my last article, there are some instances that an old parent can encounter this situation especially when the majority of the children are busy. Is it a valid reason,maybe either men or women we should love and care for our parents when they are in a situation like this.

It's about giving value to our parents and loving them unconditionally. My grandmother is not a perfect Lola, she has a lot of down moments in her life, she's often angry but at the end of the day, I observed that she just wants "attention and care", which she said every time.

  • "for the children"


The children should have unity in taking care of an ill parent, they should not grumble or talk about any alibi just to avoid their responsibility. When the time that it seems no one is available for their mama, it's not a good response from her children.

This makes me think that as early as our children are very young, they should learn to be united and establish a good relationship between their siblings and parents so that when they get old they will apply it.

  • Communication

Communication must be constant, and a meeting must not only tired of, when someone dies, even in times of pandemic siblings or family should ask each other situation if they are okay and not when one was lost is the time to talk again.

  • Always busy

These are the words that my hearing is give, everyone is doing their living, of course, let's consider the fact that we need to work, and work to live. But when it comes to the family member who is sick and dying we should not prevail over the idea of being busy. Its too late to cry in front of the coffin when you still have time to hug them personally and let them feel that you care.

  • Pointing fingers

It's too late to blame anybody who is having a mistake and lack of actions because everyone has their responsibility of doing it because of love without pointing fingers with anybody who did not act on their responsibility.

Money is good, we all need it because it's our necessities in life, but I just realized that at end of our life, money can't do anything for us especially this pandemic, what my Lola's wish is to see her children in front of her and let them feel the love. The emotional need of a person is more vital, we often seek material things every day that's why we can despise establishing a relationship with someone close to us.

" Nasa Huli ang pagsisisi", Regrets happen when it's already done. That's why as long as we have time and load or wifi, we should always try to connect with our loved ones. If we can spend an hour chatting with anybody and watching videos, so much more time we should give to our family. Matthew Bennett

Some factors that our older parents needs are;

  • Basic needs

From food to milk, and vitamins, which sometimes they can't provide for themselves, and they don't have any source to get,that's why as children we have their responsibility to meet it.

  • Visit them

This is one thing that my lola often ask with her children, "when will they visit me"? Almost everyday she's wondering about this.The more a person will get older the more they seek their families presence.It can fill their emptiness and it's their basic needs also that we need to meet.

  • Always pray for them

My lola will go to church sometimes but she's not really a person who is very religious and nurtured in spiritual aspects.That's why as much a possible its one of their needs that children must assist, and bring them in prayer and reading the Bible.

After all, life will end,whether as like it or not we all face life beyond this life.If we have relationship with God we don't have worries about the future because we know that that we are safe in the Lord.

The days of our existence on earth, nine months in our mothers womb.The things that's our father's provide for us since we were alive and those sleepless nights that they spend for us and the love that they shared with us, is much more than a reason that we have to give them back what they deserve.When I became a mother I've realized how did my parents give their effort raising me, until I become what I am today.

You and me are blessed to have a parent.

Lead image;

Thanks for having you here,I'm glad to read your comments below.

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Written by   98
2 months ago
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Oh my. Those excuses are so lame. We should never be too busy when it comes to our parents. We owe them a lot. Kaya nga ako, gusto ko talaga nandyan lagi sa nanay at tatay ko. Kasi kung hindi, sinong mag aalaga sa kanila?

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2 months ago

Nakakalungkot na katotohanan ,Hindi lahat ng anak gustong alagaan ang magulang nila.

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2 months ago

Sobra. 🥺

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2 months ago

You are right, we should really take care of our parents not with money alone but we should show them love and care by this, they will be happy with us and if our parents are happy with us, we will continue to prosper

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2 months ago

That's correct, obedience to parents leads to blessings ,that's why we should continue to make them happy.

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2 months ago