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The Undesirable Legacy

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2 months ago

What is a legacy?According to google it refers to property or money that a person can left behind.But this legacy that I will going to talk today is a legacy which we cannot hold or grasp, like family cultures, good moral values, and the lesson that they thought us from the day we were born.

We are a living legacy of our ancestors like our parents, we live today from what we learn from them, and we too pass it to our next generation like our children and our grandchildren.If there were some people who knows your parents well and how they lived, they will also try to reflect if we live like them today.Of course, the most rewarding when we have a good legacy towards our children.Not only our kids will be happy and appreciated but they will also gained respect from the society.

As I have mentioned in my title,the undesirable legacy.It is something awful characters that we can pass with our children like,”Hate”.

I heard na parent who teaches her kids not to talk with a certain people because she said that they are not good people ,and they were not a friend of a family.She even instruct them to go away from these people and don’t even give them a chance to mingle with their whole life.And I find this so unhealthy mentoring to children which transmit negativity and bad impression to a young age.And because the child is just too young, it’s always been instilled with their minds that those people are not good to be with even if the kid has nothing to do with them.

”Hate” is a very negative kind of feeling,”it means extreme dislike” to someone or a person which you feel disappointed or disagree with.Sometimes we can heard this words being heard on social media,like “haters”,a You Tuber or blogger can have it.Saying,”I hate you”,to someone like friends or a partner.We can utter this sometimes without recognizing the deep meaning of this words which become an expression just to show we’re angry to somebody.

Photo credit by Jon Edge from unsplash

”Hate the attitude or character but not the person itself”

If we say I hate you,we should hate the attitude that a person has but not to put condemnation to the person.We should be vigilant in using this words in front of our children because they can imitate this and even do the same with their friends.

Hatred should not be passed throughout the generation to generation, it seems like we’re passing a firing ball or a poisonous food which can also cause pain and burden to the person who have it.Its just a heavy loads that we can left behind.

Keeping hatred is like digging a hole inside our heart, which seems like punishing ourselves from keeping it through time.There no medical doctor can diagnosed it instead it will harm our health both physical and mental aspects.Its more than a cancerous cell that we keep holding on.

It’s a very rampant issue on social media which makes the platform very toxic at all.As we all know, it’s already a part of the worlds trends where they will exchanging hate to anyone and a lot of people also likes to watch this.On the other side the newest trending hatred expression is with the recent viral video of a political candidate which is finding flaws with other candidate just to show that their best the best.I am not in favor with any political candidate today but I’m just aware with their style who used to destroy each other’s reputation just to make themselves well known. Isn’t they are not aware of will be the effect of these towards the people and they were expressing hate to anyone.I think the best thing that they can do is to serve the people wholeheartedly and sincerely and at the end of the day every hard work will be paid of.

The best remedy for hatred is “forgiveness” it’s a first step of moving on and setting freedom for ourselves.

Photo from unsplash

If this is a character that we can instill with our kids we can build a much better community and a beautiful world.This is very useful with their lives, whether in their work ,today and in the near future.

Hate occurs in ;

The family

When a person can experience abuse,or being being rejected by the family.But we all know that it will not bring good with the relationship, as far as family is concern, reconciliation is needed.


When there is a traumatic experience towards the people in the society that sorrounds them a person can feel hate.

It can be also by the influence from the


Sometimes it can be learned with their parents through showing it also to others and when the members of the family can see it that they do it with others,or in short a result of influence.

Peer group

We should the people where we belong ,the way they treat us and others, if they were haters or someone who are willing to build relationship.We can choose to disagree and detached with people that promotes hate.

I have experienced being hate and also to hate others but in the end, there’s no greater happiness we find when we can have reconciliation.

A balance life is to live in a good harmony between others while we were alive, there’s no enough amount that can compare to a peaceful heart that we can achieve if we neglect hatred.

Undesirable Legacy can be our greatest mistake and can make ones life miserable.

We can choose to be right today!

Wish you all happiness today, and stay in a humble and forgiving heart and that is what we should desire in this life.

Blessing to all of you my sponsors,

and to you my reader.



Lead image credit Andre Hunter from Unsplash

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Written by   100
2 months ago
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Grabe naman yung parent na yun feeling perfect may discrimanation hehe Dapat nga turuan ng magandang asal yung anak niya baka mamaya maadapt niya yon

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2 months ago

not to talk with a certain people because she said that they are not good people ,and they were not a friend of a family.

Eh? Grabe naman yan laki ng galit nya sa ibang pamilya ah. Bat nya tuturuan anak nya ng ganyan porket di sila goodterms? Kaya may mga batang spoiled saka di maganda makitungo sa iba dahil rin sa magulang e

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2 months ago

People tend to live carelessly, only giving thought to the legacy they will leave behind on their deathbed. It is sad really

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2 months ago