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Hello to all the loves around the world, those who are in love, waiting for someone to love. Love, love, love is in the air. This is my favorite topic about life, Love.

Being a couple, or a husband and wife, life partner, all of us have a sweet moment that we have treasured as lovers. Those moments that give butterflies in your heart, when you have been blushed in your face and smile looking your eyes together.

Sweet moments can be done in different ways, in our daily life. Each day we can create precious moments just by touching the hands of our love, or touching his face and hair every morning. When your spouse leaves the house every morning for work,give him a hug and kiss before going on something.

We should correct the mindset that dating is only for young, or getting to know each other stage of millennial people. Being sweet is an expression of building a good relationship that longs for lasting companionship.

This love month of February, a time of expressing love for each other of a lot of people who believe in the power of love. Well, I hope that it is not only for Valentines by every time, every day that we talk to each other.

Start with a sweet quote;

  • I can't sleep without you

These words were being told to me by my hobby, he can't sleep when I'm not beside him. He feels uneasy without me in his side. That is why I can say that we need to show our love for each other. I appreciate that my husband tells me so that I know what to do and what to say to him.

  • I miss you when I'm not home

You miss the presence of each other every time.

  • I'm excited each day because of you

  • You're beautiful.

  • I miss your kisses

  • I LOVE YOU, honey.

  • I want you always

There are a lot of sweet moments in many ways;

  • Create a small piece of a love letter and put it hower or her wallet.

  • Create sweet moments in public like holding hands while walking(how).

  • Avoid browsing while talking

Or it can be an act of service like;

  • , Wiping his/her sweat while his working

  • Preparing his stuff each day, like clothes, shoes, and food

  • Making a favorite tea or coffee

  • Fixing hair

  • Be a gentleman

  • Show tenderness

Two the more couples are sweet the more they become stronger and enjoying their companionship. These memories that have been created will be shared with their grandchildren and their kids. What a beautiful love story has been made and cherished together. Sweet memories are like heavens to our mind, that is worth remembering, and become a reason to hold on in times of trouble in our lives.

It will remind you to take care of your life and make it worthwhile because you give value and honor your spouse.

Sweet memories are like rain on the roof. It brings fancy desires which keep them to bring into a reality of achieving a lasting relationship. Love will grow through this act of sweetness and became closer together as husband and wife. And it will result in a harmonious home that can be served as an example to the community and the children will be proud of their parents. You can gain respect and admiration from each other which is more admirable as a family.

My sweet moments with my husband each day was when he goes to work every day, he never leaves without a goodbye kiss and a hug, and touched my hair. And when he got home, he will bring sweets for me and my kids. I will always be thankful to him for being so nice to me and the kids.

Valentines is not just a date and the time to create good memories but with each day of our life we should have the desire to do it.

"I love you and I don't want a day without you because my life is the best being with you".

Showing sweet actions for a girl is a very goods thing that can be done while we live. Things deserve keeping and not to be forgotten. Life can be more useful and find purpose in love.

A relationship without showing actions of love cannot be productive and become like stagnant water that just keeps on leaning on past and failures in life. Through sweet actions, it likes taking a step towards a more progressive life.

Establishing sweet moments is a way of enjoying life to the fullest. Life is short, we should give our best to the one we love with life which will pass and before it will end . This will be considered as a treasure to invest in the hearts of our loved ones that whenever we go home to our creator they can reminisce a beautiful time of companionship.

Having a beautiful time together can be done at home and in our surroundings, there's no need to spend money at all, like;

  • Taking a bath together

  • Biking

  • Stargazing

  • Watching movies

  • Breakfast in bed

  • Eating sweet food

  • Massage

  • Wash the dishes together

Document those times of sweetness.

Capture every moment of spending good memories to create a legacy in the next generation of the family.

Relationship matters especially nowadays that we are facing pandemics and struggles in life each day. We can give ourselves a breakthrough of being together even in a simple way. To lift the value of marriage and love, of couples, partners. In a society in which a lot of broken relationships had happened these times, we can promote the importance of long-lasting relationships to preserve the family and to restore the broken vows of love. Most especially our children will learn from us by the time that they can have their own family. They will remember how their parents live together as a happy family.

Sweet memories are like treasures to keep.❣️❣️❣️

Love you all.

Thanks for reading.

Have a happy heart, everyone.


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