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Playing my guitar

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1 year ago

Hello there. All of us have our way of escape from stress and find relaxation in one way or another. For me, my release from boredom was to play the guitar. I find it very relaxing to play it. My guitar was already an old one, it cost 1200 pesos only, a second hand. But it's not bad, maybe it needs polished.

Honestly, I was not good with it, I'm a newbie guitar player. For the first time of practice, I have a hard time since no one teaches me, searching on the internet with basic chords is helpful to me. My hand has a lot of lines already from the string, it hurts you know there are lines in my fingers.

Right now I'm practicing the basic chords like the key of C, G, D, A, Em, Bm. And I can sing a song a little bit from these chords.

This hobby changed my mood every time I get depressed or stressed each day.In this way I can express my feelings like when I 'm happy or sad through a song I can be free on my own.I know that I need to learn more to get better but I already enjoyed it everyday.

It also became a bonding time with my husband.He also teach me some tips on how to play it well, even if his also a learner.We sing a song together everytime he has a vacant time or during weekend.

How about you ?What is your way of break out?

Thanks for reading.

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I've learned playing guitar when I was 18, i had a friend who played guitar very well. I just learned the basics then i stopped maybe because i wasn't really interested in it..

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1 year ago

Playing guitar gives so much fun and even though I'm not really good at it.and I want to learn more about it.playing guitar maybe needs interest and passion and patience for practise.

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1 year ago

Yes, pag wala passion dzai, wa jud na progress..

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1 year ago