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Life without Power/Electricity

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1 month ago

Im back with full charge now ,I already miss this platform for four days of having irregularities in my place because of the weather condition and most of all with the typhoon “Mareng”,that brought us a strong wind recently.Actually,while Im’m writing right now, the wind starts to blow again but in moderate mode already,I hope it will not take too long, plus with the earthquake visits us earlier at 10:41 pm a few minutes ago.

Im writing with this hour because I felt I need to update here for being absent.Our life have changed at least a few days without electricity,no Wi-Fi, cellphone drained.It starts on Sunday when the connection was lost due to heavy wind and it came back yesterday but it also gone in the afternoon.

How did the people react when the power was lost for almost 38 hours?

At first, they say,”haay”,And then they will gonna have problem with their cellphones that are about to drain.Power interruption affects all ages including kids, young’s and adults.Since the people is using gadgets already for business, online learning and many more each day.

The kids had a frown face when the electricity didn’t come back and keep on playing bike for almost the whole day,but they go home almost after 15 minutes to check if there is already a power so that they can charge their phones.

We didn’t expect to have a bad weather last day, we’re so unprepared.It feels so unusual for most people here without electricity, it seems they become lifeless,bored,and it seems that the day is totally different.

On the other hand,I just like the peace and quite environment with the absence of electricity, all we gonna do in the house is talking and talking unlike with power everyone is holding their phones browsing and playing games.Maybe it serve a detox time for all of us and because we’re very expose to radiation everyday.

Life without electricity is a time also to stay outside the house because it feels so hot inside the house every afternoon without electric fan or ceiling fan.We just keep staying under the green trees while talking our neighbors.I’m just having a hard time with cooking, especially when I can’t used my “Kalan with blower”,I need to find a wood again to cooked our food since I didn’t do it for a long time.

And during the night the kids just sleep early after our dinner,they can’t watch tv or play online games,and it’s very rare to happened to go on bed as early as 7’ 0 clock .Maybe if it will happen everyday, they become very healthy without electricity.

Life without electricity can affect


Like my brothers motor-shop, they were affected because there are a lot of pending customer transactions because of having no power for three days.It became a rest for everyone of them, which is not normal to happened, most of the time they are so busy doing their daily routine.

Online class

One of my friend who have an online class and an exam during that day, was keep on walking to find a good signal to joined their group chat, but the problem is,?we have a very poor signal here,we can’t access internet if we don’t have a connection to WiFi vendo which also needs electricity.Even if we have enough load for data, still the problem is we have no enough signal for keeping online.

Our place was covered with trees and mountains on the other side,maybe that’s they reason why we can’t have enough signal for data or sending text messages .

Electricity is very beneficial for all of us,although it affects in our life but it also helps us to makes things easy to access and have an enough information of the recent happenings around us.

Just like last night,I’m so glad that they power is back.My husband took his first dose of the vaccine,and he has experience a lot of side effects and one of them is high blood pressure,he is not really a high blood person,most of the time he was anemic but when he got his first dose his bp become high, at 2’0 clock in the morning.It was too early and we didn’t have any medicines for that, just a very good timing when the electricity is back.

I grab my cellphone and get 5 pesos on my wallet for connecting Wi-Fi vendo.So I have search for some home remedies for high blood and I found out that Lemon juice is a very remedy for hypertension, good thing I have a few pieces from my brother .I let him drink 2 cups of lemon mixed with water and soak his feet on a lukewarm water for just 30 minutes.And after a few minutes and took his bp it becomes low and back to normal level.

I’m just thankful that it came back on time when I need it, it helps me what to do in times of emergency.And also our bp is electronic and it really helps .

One way achieving a productivity in a place or in any establishments is having an electricity.Where everything becomes too easy and fast with power consumption.

But if I were to choose the old life of mine without power,I still like to go back those times.Were life is too simple and having no destructions and interruption.Where the communication is very personal and full of effort and the family bonding was too strong .

What happened when the power is back ?

The kids were jumping and laughing while running inside the house to charge their cellphones.Even the adults have shouted “Yeheey”.

And then everyone is happy again.

When I think on the deeper aspect of having no electricity,I can say that our life should not depend on power.Our happiness should not rely on gadgets and other electronic devices which we always do everyday.But the reality is that,we are already get used to it,that’s it seems totally different without power.I might say that this world we live are also destroyed with the power that human invented,through the gasses from factory and other devices that produces heat did contribute with the so called climate change which the whole world have already experience.Our ozone layer is getting thinner and destroyed because of that aspect.I like the lights off that some other places that they called “Green Day”,where they have have initiate power off within a few minutes, where everyone is closing down their lights and pulling their gadgets down for a short period of time.

As part of the world greatest improvement electricity is one of the biggest contributed, whether in media, and other companies that depends on power.

My life with power off last day is very quite and peaceful surrounding without a noisy sound of welding machine in my neighbor and a singing voices of karaoke with some ladies here, but now when the power is back again, it’s gonna a noisy day but it’s okay as long as they are happy.

I’ve been very busy lately, and had a bad feeling in my health that’s why it took so long for me to write again.Im thankful for a never ending support from my sponsors and this platform every since when I started.

“Life never ends here, there’s life beyond this life”

Stay hopeful and blessed people. 💕

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Written by   100
1 month ago
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I am happy you are back, life without electricity can be annoying. Everything will be bored and you feel tired of everything

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1 month ago

True, sis. Without the electricity even for 30 minutes feels like a day already. We are so used to having electricity that we become dependent on it lalo na mga bata

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1 month ago