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2 months ago

It’s a cloudy day in my place this morning,and I’m always been having a hard time to write an article because I have a lot of things to do.But the most relevant thing that bothers us today is my sister in law’s health condition.Yesterday she got home through a taxi from the city because she wasn’t able to ride her motorcycle because she is sick, can’t get up from bed or even lift her feet, she even had a hard time to wear her pants and the pain that she felt when she want to do something.

We didn’t expect that it will happen to her because she’s very active a few months ago and even it’s already pandemic she’s still working on the city.But lately, she started to felt the pain on her feet and her hands ,she even just couldn’t hold anything or even stand up when she already sitting on the chair. We’re sad about it because she is a part of our family and she’s so kind to us especially with our children.

We wondered why it happened to her,she doesn’t have a proper consultation with the doctor because they were afraid that she will be charged as covid,but she doesn’t have coughed, only her pain in her body.

There are a lot of things that they point out and assumed the reason about her condition.

First of all, they said that it’s because of her taking a glutathione capsules everyday which she bought online which her goal is to make her white skin even though she’s already have a white skin.

Secondly,she is taking a capsules to make her body fit or sexy especially to reduce her belly.Now,she really looks sexy but her body is not in a good condition.


She desired to follow the trends of people today in social media which are young,sexy,and beautiful that’s why she pay the price for her desire .She didn’t even consult a doctor or experts before taking any meds for her body and she is not aware about the result of her actions in the future.

Taking a bath after work

According to some people especially to some adults says she that my sister in-law always take a bath after work even though she came from a long drive in the highway since her job is a collector.And due to covid situation she really take a bath before going home.Our grandmothers and parents have always thought us that we should not get wet when we came from a tired work or after work.And because my sis in law live in the city, it’s always their daily habit to take a bath everyday when they got home.There is no enough study about this if it is true or not.But it was thought to us since we are a kid.

Working like no time to Rest

This woman was very hardworking,even if she already have a job she’s still have her own business and always got home very late and can’t even prepare a healthy foods to eat but they always choose to eat instant and short orders outside.She seems so restless and doesn’t have enough time to break and rest her body.

Overwork really is not good for all of us, even if we gain so much and earn a lot of money, at the end of the day,”Our health is always the most valuable wealth of all time”.

Not even a single time that we can add with our life even if we have everything that we want .

Mark my word

When she’s already active and healthy before,”She said that she will not stop working until she can’t get up from her bed”.And today, it really happened,she can’t get up and she needs someone to help her in all that she needs to do.

Our words can sometimes become to reality if we really mean it, the fact that she speak it out, she was tested with what she said.Its so hard to accept the fact of what had happened to her right now but this is a new reality that she needs to face today.


Its not bad that we desire to become more beautiful considering the fact that we are sometimes challenge by people because of our self insecurity.But we should be aware of our health first before we take any synthetic medicines for beautification, and “be aware” of the adverse effects of that medicines.

What is beauty when we are not healthy?

What do you prefer, becoming a beautiful or being healthy?

We can sometimes see a beautiful lady model online that sometimes can gives us insecurity and can fall us into a quick decisions of reviving ourselves.

Why am I writing this?

Simply because I’m out of idea 😅 and this issue of the day in my family really focus our attention.Its so hard when you see a person who is having trouble with her life,when it’s a part of the family.And also the awareness for all women who will encounter the same situation.

There’s no time to blame her for what had happened to her, it’s not easy to encounter that kind of pain that she had,I just hope that there will be a clear findings with her situation in the coming days.

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Written by   100
2 months ago
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Oh my. Maganda maging maganda sis perro mas pipiliin ko pa din maging healthy

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2 months ago

Minsan kasi nadadala ang mga babae sa online trends Gaya ng sis in law ko,uso daw kasi kaya nakikisabay,yan Tuloy nagkadadasakit.

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2 months ago

Omg. Nakakalungkot naman sis

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2 months ago

Kaya takot akong mag take ng any vitamins na hindi prescribe doctor eh..Wala akong masyadong tiwala pag sa online na gamot na pampaganda baka kase fake eh..

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2 months ago