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Jealousy can Kill

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1 month ago

This article is based on a real life story that is reported from one of the radio station.

I feel touch and sad about the news that I've watch a few minutes ago,that the father kills his own children and his wife and then he killed himself also.It was a terrifying story that really catch up my attention.

As I listen to an interview of his brother that the husband have felt jealousy with his wife.His wife worked as a house helper and go home every week.Based on his obervation that the husband was already observing his wife's gestures when she get home just like "putting password on her cellphone",which she never did before .The husband had a doubt that his wife has an affair with another man.And the big word here is "jealousy".

Jealousy is the main cause of a killing incidents that even the innocent children have died.

What power has jealousy can influence a person seriously?What a devastating situation that they don't expect to happen.It's a silent killer,a negative forced which is hard to control.Jealousy can change our temper,mood,appetite,and can create a lot of scenarios within our mind and it can even kill.

In my marriage I experienced being jealous,and it really transforms my attitude everytime,but there's some ways to work it out.


As a couple we should always be honest with our partners or spouse in our every decisions.By telling the truth to where we go and the people that we are going through,this to avoid our spouses from spying us everytime we get out from the house.We should have nothing to hide if we didn't do something bad,and shameful things.Because even the most calmed person can feel much jealousy.

I have a friend who recently had a broken relationship because she is not honest with her feelings towards her husband,until one day she commit mistake,and his husband find out that he had another man.But I admire her husband is a godly man who have self- control because he didn't do anything bad against her wife like killing,but their relationship was broken.

Is changing password is a sign of having an affair?Yes or No.

For me,if my husband will put password on his cellphone,honestly,it can create a doubt in my mind,but we've been telling each other our password.

Jealousy can make us out of our mind

Like what I've mentioned earlier that the husband kill his children,even if they don't do anything wrong.Because he lost the right thing , he is out of his mind already,and doing anything because of desperation.

We should not let jealousy empower us but we should be the boss of our emotions .As a human being sometimes we lost control in everything,even with our feelings.

I'd like to sing the song",too much love will kill you ,if you can't make up your mind".

Everything in too much is bad including love?If it is love or not?Love won't kill,love cares and never hate.Jealousy is like a disease who wants to possessed ownership.Love is always love even if it causes freedom of a certain person.

There are a lot of factors that can affect every relationship,and as a couple,both have the responsibility to play and fulfill to avoid this kind of bad situation.

As a normal human nature we can feel this kind of feeling,but not to the point of negative effects towards our family.We should recognize it early and do something to fixed it.Once we will not solve it,it will create another problem.

The best is love and love.This topic reminds me not to ignore some signs of jealousy.

The greatest remedy of them all is love,a true love.Love is patient,love is kind,love doesn't envy,doesn't rejoices with evil,always trust ,always loyal and persevere.

Be aware of the signs or can we called it "Red flags of a jealous man or woman",to avoid worse scenarios or jealousy.

By the way I'm ready eyes after the news that I've watch lately.

Byeei guys.

Thank you all. image

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Written by   108
1 month ago
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Emotions took over and he was controlled by his emotions. That's tragic 💔

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1 month ago

Anger also accompanies jealousy and they both form a dangerous duo. That was what happened in the case of the man that killed his wife. Thats whole discipline and self control, calmness are the first guarantees i look out for when choosing a friend or partner. This is because some thing can happen beyond our control and some people would result to anger which would only make things worse. Only the strong/calm man or woman can really handle such situations very well.

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1 month ago

Your right,if we let anger control us,we will be end up in regrets ,and it's hard to take back what is already damage .

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1 month ago