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Clean as you go

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1 month ago

If you rate yourself, how important for you to clean the house?From 1-10,cleaning is a choice, and it will always be,we can choose not to do it but we will hardly suffer in the end, as I experience to myself.

Clothes are everywhere,hanging,and even scattered on the floor.That is how our room looks like sometimes, when the kids are just playing and didn’t do their initiative to participate of folding blankets and sweeping the floor.

Our room is a place for us to rest and relax,there we can have our privacy and solitude time for ourselves if we want to.But if the room smells so bad like “eww”, because of some scattered laundries everywhere is not a good place to rest anymore.

Yesterday,I spent my time cleaning the house by removing and replacing curtains and moving away all the dusts and hidden trash of my children, hehe yes they do have secret garbage bin like ,beside their bed, under the pillows, above the cabinet and other spaces of the room.They do not literally turn their garbage to the proper place sometimes.And I really don’t like to have a messy home because I can’t resist it but to wipe it all the way.

I started in our room by taking all the dust and wiping with bleach in different corners of the house.And changing the blankets and washed the rest of the beds stuff.Washing blankets and bed sheets washing are a difficult task for me, because it’s too heavy and I didn’t have a washing machine,I wash it with bare hands only.

Then I also clean all our kitchen wares by brushing and disinfecting all of it.After that,I pour a hot water with the spoon and fork and sterilized it, to keep my family healthy.Wiping the chair, bed and the floor is the most tiring for me, when I used to crawl under the beds and lift the others.

This is a very exhausting task for me, and this topic that I’m gonna share today is what I have learned with this experience.

Clean as You go

I have talk to my kids about cleaning the house, since we all need it and sometimes it’s hard to find time to do it,if we didn’t do it intentionally.We have to sacrificed other things just to accomplished cleaning the house.

How do we do it ?

After you eat your food, your responsibility is to place that dishes into a proper place, wash it and put it on a drainer.When you eat fruits or candies, chocolate ,don’t leave the fruits peel one the table, or chairs instead put it directly to a garbage bin.I told them to be responsible with their own actions in the house, so that everyday there’s no need to become a big deal in terms of cleaning the house.

Image from unsplash

When do we start?

From waking up in the morning, everyone has its own task to fold all the blankets on bed.Take out laundries and put it on a basket before we eat breakfast.

Wash your hands frequently ?

As we all know that our hands are the most prone to contact with germs because we used to touched anywhere,and to prevent it from spreading, by washing our hands if we enter the house, before eating is a big help to our health.

Always keep the kitchen clean

By separating all the garbage, and throwing it on a proper place, disinfecting different spaces like table and chairs .Foods should be stored properly to avoid contamination from insects.If there are leftovers make sure to cover it properly and we don’t keep it for a long time.

And lastly,We keep our shoes and slippers outside the house.

Our shoes from work may carry virus or germs that could harm us.That is why I never let anyone’s shoes and slippers to come in ,we left it outside the house.

General cleaning of the house sometimes happens every weekend, but as of this time of pandemic,I’m very aware of cleaning everyday ,that’s why by instructing my family with their basic task in the house we can minimize the cleaning time that we need to spend.

Everyday clean up is possible,wherever we go we can make initiative to do our part,if we go to our room,and see some clothes on the floor,just pick it up.

If we go to the kitchen and there’s a need to wash the dishes we washed it.When we go upstairs and there are toys scattered just pick it up.

Everywhere in the house is a place to clean and start our clean up, it can be unplanned ,or time schedule as long as we are able to do it.

So my article today is all about cleaning the house,since it’s what I’m doing lately, and it feels so comfortable to live in a house that is clean.

Being a mom,I feel ashamed when my place is messy,I can see myself being irresponsible that’s why everyday before I go online with and I will fix first the house, and washed our clothes and the bathroom.And after that,I can stay relax and chill on a chair,hehe

How about you?What can you share with this topic?SORYY for the wrong grammar of mine.But this is my thoughts only hehe.How about you?

Lead image from Jeshoots from unspalsh

Thanks you my dearest readers and sponsors for the support, may you all be blessed.

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Written by   100
1 month ago
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Honestly, the first time I heard about Claygo was when I started working at the call center industry. Every after training, our trainer would always say claygo and so I learned from it. Although I would say that I'm very responsible with my stuff, I'm organized so it's not a challenge to me.

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1 month ago

It’s my first time also to heard that word claygo,cleanliness is one thing that I really want my kids to learn as young as they are.

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1 month ago

It's a 10 for me. I am very particular when it comes to cleanliness especially in our own home. I used to scold my sister for not cleaning the house while I am away. I even blocked her on FB and messenger because I was really pissed of her.

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1 month ago

Wow,that’s a very serious matter really for you sis,your sister may learn her lesson.Cleanliness really matters in our home.

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1 month ago

Even if my daughter is still young I already instill in her mind to clean up her mess, put the trash on trashbin 🗑️ so she'll get used to it when she grows up that cleaning or clean as you go is a must. I don't like going out as well knowing I wasn't able to tidy our room or the house.

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1 month ago

That’s a good job for you as a mom.Your child will grow a responsible daughter for sure.IlCleaning the house should start at a very young age that’s why,I appreciate those kids who are doing well at home.

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1 month ago