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Advance Thinking

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1 month ago

Are you like me too?Who always thinks in advance and always keep on anticipating possibilities that will happen the future? I admit that it’s my attitude every time I need to decide on something,or accepting a commitment to pursue.

As for me,I think I got this attitude from my father who thinks a lot too.He always have the questions in everything that you can suggest ,he will always foresee the possible problems and complications in every situations that he can encounter.

There is an advantage with this character and also disadvantage, sometimes we tend to miss an opportunity because of too much anticipation and fall into failure.

I think there are a lot of causes why did it happen,and there’s something that also can influenced like;

  • Having Fear

If we have fear on something, we tend to focus on negative side rather than conquering it.Just like what happen recently, when my husband is about to have his first dose of covid vaccine,I am very anxious about it and sometimes cause us to have an argument.I evaluate why did I experience this, it’s because I’m always watching some videos which are about side effects of the vaccines and other negative results which some people have experience with their vaccine journey.

Another thing is, most people in my place we’re afraid to get that vaccine, and I think I can just count in my fingers the people who already have been fully vaccinated.Thats why when my husband have planned to have his first dose I felt worried to be discriminated by our neighbors .Some people here are avoiding those who are already vaccinated,I think that’s the reason why did our place is left behind with other town for vaccination progress.

Actually it always happen to me as a parent, just like when my child climb up on a tree,I will say,”come down here, you might fall “,even if it didn’t happen,I’m always in advance and often give warning.Maybe my kids will say that they can miss the fun because I’m often very watchful with their actions, just like when they run around,I will say, stop it your feet might slip on the ground and you can get bruises, hehe what kind of Mom am I?,hehe, a killjoy one🙈.

It also happened in social media when someone see some posts that seems pointing out a certain person and then come up into confrontation and personal attack.I also encounter this when one of my friend have posted negative thoughts and it seems to hurt me ,but she said ,she didn’t mentioned any name but I already assume that it was me that she wants to get hurt,that’s why it falls into misunderstanding and takes time to settle with her.

Its sometimes called as “false dilemma “,maybe it came from a hearsay,or relaying from one person to another until you heard it and conclude it by yourself only.

Draw a conclusion

An advance thinking person also like this,to draw a conclusion easily, without finding the main cause.Just like when your girlfriend of wife, husband or boyfriend doesn’t able to answer his/her phones and then you will therefore conclude that “he/she doesn’t love me anymore,or say “she doesn’t care”,when the real thing is he is not finished with work or having a relevant matter to do.

  • Exaggeration

Did you experience an exaggeration statement .Just like when a child is not listening to his parents but often used his gadgets, someone will say,”this child without a discipline, one day this will become a bad influence in the society, and leader of bad guys, cannot finished his school and will not contribute good in the country, and our nation will be destroyed because of some people like him.Well in fact, the kids is just too young and just want to enjoy their life with simple things, and judging them too early is not really helping them to grow as a person, it will just make them keep themselves distant from us.

Exaggeration will result into panic, anxiety and other inappropriate actions,which sometimes I can make myself sounds funny .Like what happened today, when the rain and the wind has blow while I’m washing our dishes and it comes to my mind that my daughter is not in the house ,so I run around to find here but my mother was too relax while sitting on the chair, when the rain just stop suddenly,but my reaction and face was very worried and already in panic.Im thinking in advance what if she will be afraid and run in some place.

  • Thinking too hard

Do you think too hard?Actually we’re not designed to do it, we’re just stressing ourselves by doing it.The world is already worst today and are we helping ourselves if we do it?I think we’re not.


When my husband got his first dose the other day,she is afraid to get in the house because she’s thinking that her father might turn into zombie ,hehe.She said,”Ma, is Papa becoming a zombie already?”,I just laughed at her and said,”No, he is not”.It is because she is thinking about what she saw on online with regards to vaccine, and it really affect her mind.

I can say that this character runs through different ages nowadays, because of what happened in the world really affects our thinking.


  • To think Right

Think right is the best option we can ever have ,with composure on ourselves so that we can decide clearly and act in appropriate manner. Once we have the right way of thinking, we can create a positive actions and right response to a certain communication.

  • Self -Control

The hardly thing is controlling oneself is sometimes failure, when we act out of what we heard, what we see and we will react immediately.

It involves our mind first, to take a moment to think based on what is right for a person, in the society and for the sake of good relationship and proper conduct.

Thinking in advance is sometimes can presumed situations which are far from reality, horrible situations, negative emotions and other unfavorable effects.

Our thinking can become our motivation of moving on and striving on for better future.

If we want to live happily, think once at a time, face what will come in a day and let the coming days carries its burdens away .

“Your can think right, rather than advance thinking .”Or, is there any good benefits of advance thinking?

You can share an opinion below.

Have a blessed Sunday

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Written by   98
1 month ago
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Fear can cause a lot of setbacks to people becusse they will only see the negative side of that thing till the end. I remember some courses that built fear in me but till the time for the test, I wouldn't read anything cos of the fear. But immediately I overcome the fear, I was able to achieve a lot in the exam

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1 month ago

You explained this so well. I honestly am an over-thinker. I know it's isn't good for me but I can't help it. I just can't control it most of the time. Especially in times that I am so down and full of anxieties. I would always end up thinking so hard that causes my brain to fog and my body to do nothing. And this is what I am feeling right now. It is so hard to control our emotions sometimes.

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1 month ago

I do Advanced thinking and mostly over thinking 😂 that's why I am not happy always because I tend to think of the things that are not yet coming rather than the things before me.

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1 month ago