How to Maintain Weight Loss While Traveling

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Everyone knows that traveling with a packed suitcase is the bane of every airline passenger’s existence. But did you know that it can actually be a great weight loss tool as well? While you may have to limit the amount of liquid you pack, the sacrifice is worth it when you consider what you gain by packing light.

Think of it like packing your life into one bag: You don’t have to take up as much space on an airplane as when you have a trunk-rattling suitcase. The same goes for your luggage once you get home don’t bring too much baggage, and keep it as small as possible while still fitting all of your essentials in there.

Switch up your luggage routine

First things first! If you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll want to switch up your luggage routine. If you usually check your bag first thing when you get to your destination, you may want to put it in the overhead compartment when you’re abroad.

If you’re a light packer, you may want to put your heaviest items in your checked bag or suitcase. It’s important to keep your luggage routine consistent so that you don’t accidentally forget something in your bag as you’re walking around the city or visiting attractions.

Consider using travel backpack

If you don’t mind the extra weight that a travel backpack adds to your luggage, they’re a fantastic way to fit everything you need in one bag. Travel backpacks are high-quality bags with plenty of space for all of your clothing, toiletries, dirty clothes, books, and more.

The best travel backpack brands offer plenty of room for everything you need while maintaining a small profile so that you don’t take up too much space in your luggage. You’re likely to find that traveling with a backpack is much easier than with a suitcase, especially if you’re used to rolling your bag around with you.

Ditch the carry-on bag

Carry-on bags are not meant for travel. While they may be allowed on some flights as a “last resort” option, most airlines recommend against them. Some airlines even ban them from the cabin. Some travelers even opt for the “torture chamber” approach by bringing a carry-on bag with them on the airplane.

First, they place their bag under the seat in front of them, which limits their options for stowing it. If the bag is heavy or bulky, it might bounce around inside the airplane, causing discomfort and affecting their flight experience. The final nail in the coffin for the carry-on bag comes into play when you’re looking to upgrade your bag to a more suitable size.

Avoid bringing too many bags

Having too many bags can be a safety concern. If one of your bags bursts open or gets caught in the conveyor belt, the entire bag will be exposed to the elements. You may also have a hard time finding space for all of your bags in your suitcase. Only bring the items that you need for your trip and keep your bags as small as possible.

Don’t forget your overnight bag

You’re likely to face a mis-departure fee if you return home with more bags than you arrived with. If you’re returning home with a large group, you may want to consider bringing your own hotel bag. Travelers who travel with own bags are known as “check-in experts,” and they save hosts and airlines the trouble of re-booking everyone on every flight.

If you’re bringing your own bag, you can keep your initial bag size but purchase a larger hotel bag to bring back with you. This is a great way to avoid the stress and expense of a third bag and lets you stay in luxury while saving your hosts the trouble of re-booking you.

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Thanks for sharing these tips because I wouldn’t want to be over loading with a lot of bags-whiles traveling……but sometimes it becomes very difficult to select what you want to take along with you so I’d rather the all my clothes with me😭😅😅😅

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1 year ago

Thank you for this blog, I might apply this someday but right now, I don't really much have time to travel.

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