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Taking Preventive Measures

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1 year ago

There are tasks to accomplish every single day, some more harmful than the other, if we harm ourselves while undergoing a task, then we won't be able to do more tasks ahead. The jobs are important, whatever it is that you want to do is important, at least its important to you, even if it's a fun party, but more important than any task is you, you are more important cause the task also needs you to be well so you can do more. So take preventive measures at all times, your safety first, not only on work spaces, even on your chilling grounds, at home, learn to take those little preventive measures more seriously, as little as switching off all electrical appliances, as little as buying a contraceptive, as little as saying No to someone or something you don't feel good about.

The popular saying of "Prevention is better than cure" is still valid till date, it has to be prevention before cure, seeking to cure has cost more than what we should have originally spent in trying to prevent. Funny that most times the prevention doesn't require money, rather it simply needs an adjustment in nature, all we need to do is to change sometimes and that's all. But you see we humans, same way we are the most sensible creatures, we can also be the most stubborn, animals has sometime notice a threat and retreat, humans no much, we can still continue and hope to be lucky. Luck is good, but its better to do this such that you don't require luck to make it work.

Let's quickly talk on the few prevention we need to take seriously, already you are familiar with it, then what is the issues, we all know what the right thing to do is, but why then? One good reason to our stubbornness is trying to feel among. Lot of things we do not because we like it but because it boosts our ego in presence of friends. Most people wouldn't be smoking today nor get drunk regularly if their friends has not encite it into them. Talk less of sleeping with multiple partners, some people don't really enjoy this but just so they get to be hyped as the baddest in the hood. However lifestyle is a personal choice, though try your best that it doesn't become a danger to your life.

Remember how it is in the world now, with the Corona virus everywhere, we have heard of preventive measures we can take to ensure we aren't affect, neither affect another person. Much more than the vaccine has helped, we all can't deny the fact that prevention has help much more people, cause they didn't get affected in the first instance, so there was no need to get cured. In fact more precautionary measures were taken, that's more reason for the compulsory vaccination so we could be more immune. Many died during the course of being infected by the virus and it shows how it's better to prevent it in the first place than to cure it.

Don't Drink And Drive, Just a daily reminder though. As much as the best plan is to be sober at all times, we have grown to accept the fact that people just love to get intoxicated. So let's find a remedy for these people too and that rememdy is that you don't drink and drive. If there are plans to drink as you like just make sure you can book a taxi, the uber preferably cause the taxi park might be far from your location. Rather how about ensuring one of you is sober enough to lead you guys home safely. But in a case where all this are not put in place and you feel the best plan is to drive by yourself, that idea should be discarded.

I feel like we should be told that such action as drinking and driving is more of a wicked action than it is a risky action. Its risky because it endangers your life, that is you put your own life risk, but that's not all, this action is also very wicked cause many times the casualties isn't just the drunk involved, an innocent can be affected, injured or killed, so we have to see it that way. Every life is precious. So don't endanger someone's life because of your enjoyment.

Yet another little Preventive measure is having protected sex before marriage. Still no recent rumor right. Yeah its best not having sex at all until marriage, but the world we live has a mind of its own, more reason for the continuous unwanted pregnancy or the sexually transmitted diseases? One thing common about these actions we are told to prevent is the fact that they are all tagged as enjoyments. And cause its fun or sweet to indulge,we deep down really want to do it and hope to get away it, but just as I wrote earlier, you can't bank on luck, so rather than hope, why not just do the right thing. In these case the prevention is so cheap, get a condom or abstain completely, the cure on the other hand is not so cheap.

Of course the cost of aborting would be costlier than that of buying protectives for safer sex, or if you decide to take care of the child, that is a longrr time of spending, you really want to prepared for a baby and not just fortunate to get one. Talk about the cost for curing a sexually transmitted diseases, so much compared to buying protectives. Some diseases too can't be cure yet can be suppressed to ease its effect. The cure is costlier when compared to preventing, so much time we would saved if we decide it's best to adjust our lifestyle to be better prevent unwanted happenings.

Regularly checking up is a little task we can do to and it'll in turn help us mightily. The human body is not a machine, yes but we still need to care for the body. Everyone must have fallen sick some day and we saw the doctor who came to ourlpaid. Its completely normal to run a check up in ones body, that way we are not in the dark about health. Drinking water too as simple as it is, is very vital but has been discarded many times. Just as food in sufficient amount is needed, water too is needed. However water is readily removed from the body via several ways like sweat, unrine, so since water leaves more, then it should be introduced more into the body.

Much prevention we need to be serious about. Share the insight to as many so they are aware that life is precious and we must intentionally seek to improve our health. As we are looking to improve our health, we can't afford to lose more. There are quite other actions to prevent before it leads to us needing a cure, for example "Smokers are liable to die young, yet the numbers still increases. So our stubbornness too need to be curb. Its prevention first, hopefully we won't have a need a cure. Safety precautions should be put in place.

Thanks For Reading.

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Written by   219
1 year ago
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