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Going With The Plan Till The Latter End

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1 year ago

I got plans, you've got plans, however life happens and plans begins to slightly change, notwithstanding there are those particular few who see their plans till the tail end, it's a matter of rugged determination, not settling for anything less, maybe some bends here and there but in all the main aim and objectives must be actualized. Growing up, we all had our aspirations, what we looked out for, things we said we must achieve, most of us went as far as wanting to own a plane, some others becoming the president of the country. I guess you wanted to be spider man, I had once fantasied about flying from my storey building to the next street, well I guess i was old enough to keep it as fantasy and not try it in reality.

However when I say don't settle for less, I'm not telling you to pick up your childhood dreams, that were unrealistic. Now we have grown, we see life more clearly and other things makes more sense than others, we work now with drafted plans and not mere fantasy. Owning a plane is nice, but how possible is it when you don't have the funds to buy a car yet, we start from here and keep growing, more reason why we set goals and try so had to achieve them, one bit at a time.

Call me stubborn, call be adamant, it still won't change the drive, set the focus and maintain the vision. This is what I want, nothing less, nothing around, that's is what I want. It gives a sense of fulfilment when it's finally achieved. Moreover knowing what is really wanted enables us to push with focus. Not being tossed tro and fro without any finite direction. What is it we really seek to achieve is what makes or break us. Every one has their individual drives and passion, what we seek to achieve, maybe when it comes, we can then set a new record to achieve. This helps our actions, as we are not confuse, we understand the mandate, we know the assignment.

Ever wonder what insane drive could keep people late at night, working hard, or out on the field training for an act, why some great inventions took years of consistency and constant practices without backing out, if there was no set goal, they could have easily be contented with the little achievement they could grab. Already people would still hail them for the few they have done, but deep down they know they haven't yet reach their mark and so they can't fully self acclaim the praise. True victory comes from within, we need to know we said it and we did it.

Of course no pressure, its never a do or die affair, its just to push ourselves to be the best we can be. It's a sweet feeling to set a record and achieve it, it also boost our morale, to show that we can achieve whatever we set our hearts to achieve. A student whose heart is fixed on a 80% minimum can be happy with a 75% score as it shows his improvements, but knows that is not the main goal as he is fixed at 80%, that 80% is the main mark, so its more effort, when he comes, he can finally say yes I did it. We all need to set marks for ourselves, not one that are impossible to us yet, but one that are quite achievable but yet worth celebrating, then we can keep climbing up from there.

We ought not to bring our standards down, except on occasions when we know it's best we revisit the drawing board to make reasonable adjustment, one that still would be satisfactory. Bringing down the standards doesn't give as much feel of achievements as it should, it comes quite to easy. As humans we value what we know took us effort to get, then we can beat our chest in victory, I am great, I am a winner, I am an achiever, we can't be scared of pushing hard, we are not lazy to bring down our standards, these is what I want and that is what I get.

There are various areas we seek to not settle for less and one of the major areas are that of career and ofcourse you guessed right our life partner. In the area of career, we have what we plan to achieve, and how we hope it turns out to be in a specific time duration. We have it all planned, we have set the goals, 10 years from now, its so so so, in 5 years time, these and that should have been in place, we have it boldly crested on our hearts, now we can run with the vision, don't think to accept less, we don't want to say whatever comes we receive, we refuse to be mediocre about our career quest, no doubt it's not always easy, but we are worth the challenge.

Also very important is that of our life partner, firstly we can't accept to spend a life time with who we don't love, its not a business arrangement, it's a personal life choice, and so its your choice. You very much have your options, what your hearts desires, anyone short of your desire is not going to give as much affection as you need to get a happy lifetime henceforth. If any choice can be settled for less, I guess its definitely not going to be this one. Its better to place more strict desires on the character than facial looks though, however the man or lady should be appealing to you, we all deserve the happiness we crave, who says you can get that happiness. Come on don't settle for less.

If its possible then you can do it, we just have to see it possible first. More reason why we need to associate ourselves with people who have gone ahead and done the things we desire. These would help us see it achievable too then we can push with better hope, these would also help us keep the vision, rather than settle for help we are more motivated to get what we aim.

What's the harm in trying your best, whatever the outcome is, life would continue and each day is another fighting chance. Keep the fire burning. You're the best, don't settle for less.

Thanks For Reading.

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Written by   219
1 year ago
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We need to be positive and be more focused in our goals. I missed this types of posts from you.

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot. You've stayed a long time with me.. much love bro.

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1 year ago