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Do It Now Not Later

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4 months ago

A stitch in time saves 9, a true proverbs explaining the need to act on time, that little tear left unattended to could later expand to require extra work to get it done. It's better to act on time rather than allow our lazy needs to rest a while longer get us hooked into stressing extra hours. Oh its time but I'm tired, let me rest a while longer, I will surely get it done before the deadline, it's a major story most of us are used to, how much we have slept or rested and lost some profits.

People rest for basically different reasons, few rest because the want to, whenever they feel Like they could just close up everything and go to rest, few however rest because they need the rest as their body must be energized for a greater task tomorrow, this second class of people have their eyes fixed on the goal, their rest have its duration and once its time to resume, they are up and running. Everyone can't be same and fully principled so a larger number of people can let go of the task needed because their bodies needs a little more rest.

Surely rest is good, fun is good, moreover Jack don't want to be a dull boy so as he works he has to play alongside, but when Jack decides to play excessively and work less Jack might become a poor boy, and the last time I checked its better to be dull and rich than getting all the fun but poor. People have often misconcepted the idea of moderating your work and rest, it can never be in a 50-50 ratio, more reason why God gave us just 8 hours of the full 24hours to sleep, the rest time we are awake and ready, a double the resting time of over 16hours we are set to get what we want off life, we shouldn't be procrastinating the right actions at the set time, try to do things at the right time.

A farmer has learnt more to better explain the effect of procrastination, there are set time for planting specific crops and there are things to do alongside as they are being cultivated, should you choose to sleep when the cock crows to advice you to get it done, or should you be lazy to make the sand bed, or spray the seedlings, then you might have to watch others harvest a better harvest than yours, well that's if you planted at all. The Bible have clearly elaborated the fact that there are time to everything, understanding the times and respecting it enough to adhere would surely bestow you the benefits in due time.

We are all human so we can't lie about the fact that the body sometimes wins against the decision of the heart. You've made up your mind to set out by 6am in the morning and you've done all things right, infact you've slept early so you can awake in time, only for the weather to get so cool into your system and youre in no mood to go anywhere, So you are deciding to shift it on to another day, another day in which we are sure if we'll be free as we are now, it's safer to work at the right time, it yields a better profit. Make up your mind, just do it, it's very possible.

#. Write down the rule:

Students would better relate to this point, remember how you differentiated the courses you'll be studying this simester, so you can read and focus more in one at a time, so at the set date and time to study a particular course, you would have to bring course book only and study, this do ensure we read that book that day because if we don't then it might be a longer time till we get to open that particular book again. No just books only, it was only an illustration, we need to write the vision, what we need to achieve, get it written down so we know what to put our focus on, thereby understanding it better to know when and how to work on it. However this point would still be futile without discipline.

# Discipline:

By far the main active ingredient to cooking this meal of doing things at the right timing, however we need to know what to be disciplined about, so we need to get the vision laid down first then discipline can follow suit. What would make you get up at the first ring of the alarm despite your feelings, or the ability to leave a place of fun just to do something you planned for has a lot more than just personality, it has to be a concrete decision taken and determined to follow to the latter . we need to be principled, if we must shun procrastination.

# Consistency:

Yes, so many of us have really tried. We kept on being disciplined and doing the needful but things weren't turning out as they were, what do we do then, do we give it all up? Consistency is a needed tool to fighting against procrastination, it keeps us going and slowly teaches us a good character that becomes part of us. So pick up that idea and follow through with this 3 points, firstly, lay down the vision and make it boldly written, then be principled enough to see that you keep following the plan, the be consistent, it's not always good but in bad times still when it was easy to procrastinate we kept pushing.

Procrastination is the mother of delay, so many good reason comes to mind when justifying our actions, but the truth remains unchanged, prostration has led to so many loss, just s little while longer and so the deal was stolen or lost. Shun procrastination today, let's learn to do things in the right time frame.

Thanks For Reading.

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Written by   220
4 months ago
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Laziness is man's companion. But not for everyone. When we decide we have to do it, then go for it. No looking back. The result as told is definitely fruitful.

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4 months ago

Oh yes, oh yes, the result indeed would be very truthful, we all are lazy, well until we make up our mind, then we would do it well and alright.

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4 months ago