In the world, man discovered the concept of time!

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Time is such an vital concept in our lives. When we say "It streamed like water", when we may not get it what the minute we were living in and when death stood before us, "How did time pass so rapidly?" the popular, hopeless, unruly, relentless time we call.

Now, let's attempt to get it the world time and time concept, which is one of the foremost imperative components of human life, from the Divine Law and the Pen of the Universe.

We have said that the time scale within the past and within the upper planes does not compare to the time of the world which there are enormous contrasts between them. Indeed, the time scale and cognition of the plan, which is in charge of the will of the world, cannot be compared with the straightforward understanding of time within the world. For example, inside a moment of the natural time scale by our measure, all of the long-term jobs within the world that centuries have not been sufficient can fit. An example of this, whereas exceptionally simple and rude, can provide individuals an instinct is dreams. Typically also the case, especially for those who suffocated, living within the finest detail in all stages of their lives within the final seconds.

There's a saying that I cherish exceptionally much. Man met time! With time streaming continuous from the moment he was born. With time that drops white on your hair. By the time he runs and tries to capture up. Over time from autumn to winter and straight to spring and summer without holding up. He felt time in each cell. He steadily felt the misfortune of quality in his bones, seen his capacity to duplicate, and at last breathed! He was with him at that final minute of time, as in his to begin with moment.

And man met with time. The year was made up of 365 equal days in total, and this planet, circling the Sun, was caught in its own circle within the time scale because it held a time around the Sun. Man inquired: Can time be ceased? Can it be found more than once at the same time? Can time be moderated down? Can maturing be avoided? Since that special concept of time kept on exist before Christ and after Christ as long as man existed.

There could be a limitation within the cognition of world time. Within the time of the world, there's an commitment for certain focuses to follow each other periodically, at certain minutes. Again, each reality incorporates a starting and an conclusion point. However, high time comprehension appears extraordinary contrasts in this regard. And these contrasts are undoubtedly the result and need of the cognition values ​​of this time being exceptionally wealthy and comprehensive compared to those of the simple time.

This realization has such a assortment of fine material combinations that; The vibrations radiated from these have accomplished the time scale characterized by a great speed and scope that cannot be compared with basic recognitions. Concurring to these realizations, the past, display and future circumstances within the timeline don't need to take after a arrangement in one heading, one after the other, as in straightforward recognitions. In higher realization, all these past, show and future states are connected as a total to a single being.

Maybe, like our other limitations that exist in this world, its time and limitations are drawn for human beings, maybe it is fair a point of see or an mistake of our own as human beings. Possibly each put, each individual, each moment, each circumstance that we feel like we have met some place in time is undoubtedly our encounters that are suspended some place in time.

And man met earth time at that moment, and from that time time started to run!

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Man met time! True...great article

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