Greediness is the cause of destruction for us

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11 months ago

Know the reality of self that, when we put our effort, if we do not get in return or get less than our desire we begin to stress. We feel like everything is over now. Everything is gone. I am saying, is that we feel obnoxious. But what if we get more than our effort, do we feel stressed, " something must have gone wrong something else why this much, it is more than sufficient". You won't do it Nah!, I know how we act.

Why do we do it that way? What makes us carry on in that way? The reply is straightforward Greediness that has been continuously there observing each chance to hop in.

our teachers educating us in schools, colleges work hard to instruct us with a few wages. But when they get higher paid in another school, he leaves and goes to a new school or college. If he was here to educate, why he would bother approximately the remuneration given to him. Is this a case of Greediness?

Or the Society, which tries us to capture great conduct great traditions sets a few customers rules and controls i.e religions, conventions, traditions. The considering that our ancestors have for us to ensure humankind and make a comment eras to strolling in a appropriate way of reasoning. To keep such sentiments for society, is this Greediness?

when I have $1 for my nourishment, I feel like in case I had antra two dollar I would have spared this one for evening nourishment. Everybody needs to secure our future. If we see from one point we live in present and the fututlre is however to come. What happens when it comes? In a physical world going with this illustration isn't a pertinent one. But I am talking almost the state of intellect attempting to ensure itself. In that sense, the intellect acts with overstated feelings. Hence, we attempt to our our our our our our for own security to begin with. Do this quality of our own can be called Greediness?

Well, I have displayed here diverse centres of our wants, to begin with is self, at that point family and comes society, community and last to the mankind.

I am attempting to make a point that when we make a crave, wish or target for the good thing about a specific person or gather or selves. So that we appreciate the ease at the conclusion is what I call Greediness.

If we see all the animal kingdom, but a few cold-blooded animals who get gravely affected by the cold season only stores nourishment for assurance. But others they chase eat and escape away. No accumulation.

When there's aggregation there begins the Greediness, there begins the feeling of profit, benefit.

If you try to form a point that doing a few deeds to improved future we can't take it as Greediness, in case you think in that way at that point I say you how did Gautam Buddha make his life go on with hundreds of devotees. By inquiring for something to eat and a put to remain. See, in this way, life can be spent.

The man who found out the respectable truth around life, which is all around the enduring went through his life going door to door for what? Does he need to elude from hell ( suffering)? No! He just needs to disregard the Greediness he has inside him.

He knew that Greediness comes from connections so he surrendered everything and lived to be self detached.

In Christianity, individuals accept that we are born out of sins in this way we have Greediness inside us. Definitely, that's genuine, when we are Greediness that's why we get into issues. In this way, Christianity underpins in believing him and do everything within the title of God.

All the religions that exist instruct us to be free from karma, deeds, i.e Greediness. Since everybody knew that.

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11 months ago


In Christianity, individuals accept that we are born out of sins in this way we have Greediness inside us. This is funny but correct

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11 months ago

If Greediness goes positive for more skills , compitite, hard work , dignity and uniqueness then it is good . If it goes negative like collection of wealth, hungar of fame then it made destruction.

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11 months ago

Exactly, everything in the world have both positive and negative aspects.

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10 months ago