Attention: The reality behind it.

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If we believe within the concept of hell and paradise, there starts a new travel within the covered up world. We must pay the cost of the deeds that we did in our travel from the womb to the tomb. But if we check this concept, anything we do here we'll pay the price within the same life. We are going die bare and bare hands. Usually why I feel that it is difficult to acknowledge such standings.

If we adhere to the concept that we begun from emptiness and will conclusion it on emptiness, this goes beside the encounters of individuals since when we begin we are born clear and we begun to enhance the clear paper with colored pencils. In expansion to this point, the time after 60 years is like reverting to the child.

In a lifetime there interminably emerges a question, "WHAT HAPPENS AFTER Death?". Numerous edified ones attempted to reply it, a few were fruitful in persuading certain groups of individuals. This is how religion formed. Religion is one way of knowing what happens the great beyond. A few religion claims almost the stories of hell and sky where a few claim almost the emptiness. Anything be their standing point one thing is beyond any doubt that death closes our present time. Everything gets breaks down into existence.


From our childhood, we have learned that being mindful will make everything in our favor. Little baby, when inquires somethings and we didn't provide it, it begins to cry uproariously. It makes others end for a moment and have a see. Typically too a way of picking up attention. We have been practicing from our childhood.

Attention is one way of appearing our presence. Presence within the existence. What in case no one gives their attention to us? You earned billions and billions of cash, you have got collected the foremost costly car, the foremost costly observe, and no one cares approximately it. You're treated as an ordinary man. How does it feel?

We can see the consideration is related with our ego.

Isn't it astounding that we are not portion of life, we intruse ourselves and make-believe that we are the acting ones? We strengthen this with attention.

Amazing fact

The time that we spend from birth to death, all the time we have been tolerating and giving things. Nothing even a single stick gets attaches to us. We in our entire time act as a medium for giving and taking things. What comes? Someday it'll go away. What do we get? Someday it'll be given out.

But things get attached when we reveled ourselves within the process. We are the only medium that's facilitating the continuous process of nature. But we humans, with brains, get increasingly attached to the method, this makes us to. Accept that we are the ones that are the reality. We no more take ourselves as medium but we take ourselves as actors. Typically why? One of the qualities of people is getting attention.

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Great article...this is true We can see the consideration is related with our ego.

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