Mass Vaccination An Unacceptable Mistake

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We have been called liars, phony, speculators, deceivers, scammers and received hundreds more derogatory personal attacks on our intelligence.

Calling us brain dead, unintelligent, idiots that believe in conspiracy theories. We've been called deniers of the "pandemic"! The media are currently on a frenzy to denounce us as the worst enemy of human kind.

Let me ask a question. What exactly are we to the people? Are we a group of thugs or an armed militia that enters houses and businesses to loot, steal and destroy?

I ask the people, not the governments. Do they think we are doing something wrong?

Are we coming to you to tell you not to vaccine because with vaccinations you create more variants of COVID? We tell you that you are free to vaccinate, do we force you not to?

This is becoming a big joke that I seriously right now believe will lead to a very dangerous path for all humanity. We vaccinate with a virus, not with antibodies to the virus.

And of course, we are the ignorant ones, that we don't listen to science. We don't trust our governments, we are brain dead as you call us, right?

Let's find the truth then, not from us, that we are unimportant, uneducated, naive, unintelligent and easy to manipulate.

Let's find the truth from a top scientist, virologist Luc Montagnier, A Nobel Prize Winner.

I tried a lot to find this video on Youtube again, because the one I first found has already been deleted by that open and transparent network.

The voice of a scientist, the voice of a Nobel Prize Winner, Luc Montagnier, has been silenced by YouTube, since it goes against the agenda of Alphabet. World domination requires a lot of casualties. The blood will be on Google's hands too.

I had to move to Odysee and here is where the whole conversation and the view of Dr. Luc Montagnier can be found here:

I think Odysee is not supported for embedded video with for the moment, so if anyone wants to listen to the whole discussion will have to follow the link I gave.

Funny, but Google and the social media are censoring anything that has to do with vaccination side-effects. There are no images of those side effects we were watching a few months ago, all the images have been removed. All search results are leading to government websites and we can once again feel that the internet is completely controlled. We are no different than China, maybe the Chinese are enjoying more civil liberties and better information than the so called "free" world right now.

A Historic Blunder


Now, as usual the propaganda machine is trying to cover up Dr. Luc Montagnier interesting words, and his support to those that are against the mandatory vaccinations of a vaccine that is not even properly tested.

At this point after everything that happened so far I don't know whose claims are more exuberant. Do we trust the scientist only when they are in favor of the mob? Because I'm afraid soon, gangs will beat to death the unvaccinated, our homes will be in jeopardy and the news will keep feeding hatred to the minds of the real naive that followed this reckless train of thinking.

I just don't know what to predict next. This is all happening so fast and every day we read or watch another politician making claims against a part of the population that is afraid to vaccinate with an unreasonable and untested vaccine, accusing us of being the worst evil ever walked on this planet.

This is getting way beyond hilarious, it is getting beyond strange, and it is getting at places we all think but are afraid to discuss as they may be true.

We fight for basic human rights here, respect us. Don't discriminate. Some people will not vaccinate and it is their right to do so. Until the vaccine is fully tested (may take up to 10 years for this) nobody should try to maintain this climate of fear.

Stop what you are doing. You explained to us millions of times to listen to the medical community, the scientists, even given us statistical reasons to vaccinate.

And when a Nobel Prize Winner comes out openly and accuses the mass vaccination as a naive and historical blunder, you tell us we shouldn't listen to this scientist but only to those you suggest?

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It'd the biggest hoax in all of humanity. Some weirdos have called it the mark of the beast. This cannot be, for the first seal of Revelation hasn't been opened nor has the Antichrist and the False Prophet appeared on the timeline of history yet, though the spirit of the antichrist is definitely present.

Anybody using You Tube (I call it We Censor) is in cahoots with the spirit of the antichrist when it comes to the massive propaganda war. Rumble, Odysee, Banned Video, Bit Chute and Gab are the best platforms to be exposed to the truth.

One of our Facebook groups has been banned for sharing video truths about the vax hype. Another is on the skids. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

We (my family and I) will not take their MrNA vax, which is NOT a vaccine in the true sense of the word. Recently, a research study out of Israel found that 80% of new WuBug cases stem from the double vaccinated, whereas in the US, some 65%. In the end, it is the sheeple who are being down the wrong path at their own peril.

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1 year ago

Tienes toda la razon les recomiendo este video amigo

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1 year ago

Cuando esté en Odysee más tarde, echaré un vistazo.

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1 year ago

The most scary thing, is that's not even a mistake. It's horrible that doctors accepted the deal !

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1 year ago

I am afraid we all will be forced into it. You might only escape if you are self-providing, do not visit the school or work for someone. If all those people stick together you will survive and end up as the fittest. The vaccines are not using the virus but only a part of the spike proteins. Good enough to multiply in your body, kill your intestines, infect ovarian, whomb, brains... A good way to use against overpopulation.

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1 year ago

I'd rather be called a conspiracy theorist than be on the wrong side of history.

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1 year ago