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Promoting Tipestry a post of the week entry

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1 year ago

What is Tipestry?

From the word itself you can notice the "Tip" word. It's pretty straight forward if you ask me. You only need to post something interesting. A simple link from any website or a picture that you find interesting. Make a short statement about it. Add some tag for the topic. That's it your done.

Then here comes the interesting part. How much Tip will you get for your post. That technically depends on how interesting your post is. One post can get you as little as 1 doge coin more or less. But a decent and interesting one might get you as much as 200 doge coin.

Wait but there's more. They have a daily and weekly contest that can let you earn as much as 200 to 500 doge coin.

You can find some post that have obtain some huge tips.

Earn buy promoting there website

Also earlier this year 2021 they introduce and added Dogecash(DOGEC)


If you look at it again it's just look like BCH just with a dog face instead of a BTC logo on it.

I don't have much information at the moment but it seems the project goal was to revive the Doge coin.

You can learn more from it at the link below

And Tipestry is one of the place you can get so much DOGEC

Just one post and this one got 500 DOGEC it makes one jealous.

So what are you waiting for try it now!

Click the link and register..!

Hurry before they gave the last DOGEC

since it's not infinite and is very limited!

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1 year ago
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Thanks for sharing this good info, my friend! May all users know more about this good news.

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1 year ago

your welcome hope you can post and earn something from it

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1 year ago