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A NEET life Chapter 2

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1 year ago

Before we move on to the story

Let me share to you about how I become a NEET

I didn’t came from a rich family that can gave their children any vice they wanted

In fact my family never gave me anything to support any vice that I have.

  • I don’t drink liquor/Alcohols because I can’t afford one

  • I don’t smoke since again it’s too expensive

  • I don’t even have a special hobby that waste money

  • I don’t hang out with my peer as it cause money

  • To hell I don’t even date a girl because it is expensive

I’m just your average person who has no money to spend anything for himself

Why not look for a work to earn money? (That is another story that I will write later)

When I was a little kid I can count the toys I receive with one hand. I don’t have an amazing childhood because my parents are one of those overly strict people that don’t let their little children play outside because it’s a waste of time. My parents are also the kind of people who believe that their children are amazing and very smart. And force them to study this and study that with all the excuse for a bright future.(well I am not smart at all and regardless if I study or not I still ended with a bad ending)

So enough with my childhood days... I can sum it up with one world “NONE”, “Dull” or “Empty”.


Yet how did I become a NEET?

I mentioned earlier that I went back to college at the age of 27 but before that I attended a well-known college where the rich and elite people enrolled their own children. I was a fresh graduate at high school a young promising youth full of ambition at that time.

I told you we are not rich and don’t have money so how did I end up at such an expensive and exclusive school for the rich and elite?

The answer is simple. My parents wanted to SHOW OFF!

I won’t point fingers but this is one of the worse habits of parents. They tend to brag and show off their children to other people. Sadly I am a victim of such parents.

My parents had prepared a so called “College plan” for their children but that was enough for a normal college.

Because they wanted to look amazing they decided to drop me to an exclusive college for the rich and elite. They even borrowed some money to their friends and relatives. And before I know it I have no say in it and was force to enroll ALONE.

Yes I manage all the process of enrollment alone with out any help from my parents. You have no idea how envious I was looking at other children being accompanied by their parents during enrollment.

They never bother with the process. Thank god I am smart enough to finish the enrollment but now that I think about it if I just failed that college entrance exam then maybe I won’t be admitted at that place. But then again school like that is all about money, entrance exams are just a kind of formality because one of my High School classmate a well-known gangster was surprisingly enrolled at that place.

Imagine how shock I was when I discover him at the school ground. That a person who was famous for bringing dangerous weapon at school like knives was at the school the same as mine. He even attends class while being drunk. Yet such person manages to enroll himself to an expensive college for the rich and elite. Well I am well aware that this gangster was rich. He came from a rich family and that is why he can act like a gangster bringing liquor or sharp weapons at school.

This was also the turning point of my life. I often wonder if I just resisted and enroll to a normal college along with my high school classmates and friends would my life today be different.

So my NEET life started after I stop going to that well known famous college school.

Was I bullied?

Or did I have some bad experience?

Did some rich kid at that college do any harm to me?

Was I dumped by a rich girl after I told her I love her and I just came from a poor family?

If you watch Anime especially the ISEKAI genre this kind of reasons are common but not for me.

Isekai is a genre of light novels, manga, anime and video games that revolve around a person from Earth who is transported to and has to survive in a parallel universe, fantasy world, or virtual world. This plot device allows the audience to learn about the new world at the same pace as the protagonist. (Wikipedia)

In fact my college life in that university was normal.

  • I made friends with rich people.

  • I almost had a girlfriend.

  • I did fail some of my subjects but to hell with that we are in college.

  • I party with some friends (note that it I was invited for free and no way will I ever attend a party if it cause me to lose some money).

  • I became a “Friend of all” kind of person.

  • I even learn how to get drunk with alcohol. (And again it was free)

  • I even travel to certain places with this people. (And yeah all the expenses are with them I just tagged along for Free)

Such is the life of the rich and the elite.

I experience some of it at that school. That is what you call a College life but it did not last that long. After all my family only had the illusion of showing off but the reality slap them and staying at that school is impossible. The tuition alone was impossible for my family to support. While I attend that college the school expenses like books and tools for learning. I manage to get them from my rich classmate by doing some simple task.

Task like doing their assignment/projects for some simple fee was a well known trade in college.

If this people still remember me at that time and they learn of how worthless I became I wonder what they will think. But then again I doubt if this people even remember me as it was almost more than 10 yrs. Some of them were still a part of my friends list and I can see them as they became successful in life and made their own family. I was not envious at all; after all they all deserve that.

But while I had a good life in that college that had also result on certain consequences. I did manage to have a lot of friends they are all rich and elite. Sadly I became distance with my friends from high school. This is one of those famous saying throw the old for new ones. And I have regretted it even until today.

The present me is all ALONE I have no friends. My family kicks me out from home. I have no relatives to ask for help. Your typical abandoned and alone person. You might think how sad I am at the moment. But to tell you the truth I long forgotten the feeling of sadness. Maybe when you are at the point when there is nothing to break at your already broken soul you well start to stop caring and one of the things that will be lost is the so called emotion. Of course I can still feel emotion but so what of it. I am alone and don’t even have a single person to talk to.

Still I never did answer the question “How did I become a NEET?”

I don’t know about other people why they suddenly became a social outcast and decide to stay away from society. Maybe my own reason was just an idiotic excuse or I am just being lazy but who knows.

Maybe next time I’ll answer that question… (To be continued)

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1 year ago
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