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Being called the "GOAT" is a sign of greatness and not a cause.

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8 months ago

For all we know, a goat is a terrestrial animal that grazes on plain grasses and on thick forests as well in order to feed its hungry stomach.

It ruminates and chews its chord according to what we were taught biologically during our school days and as well, they could also be kept as house animals or domestic animals due to the fact that they only eat grasses and other remnants of human food as much as their relative importance to mab in the areas of serving as food for man.

Goats are also known to have helped man in his traditional quest especially in this part of the sub Saharan African country where am from.

We can see that in the areas of marriage whereby the marriage rites are determined with the use of goats and colanuts as a symbol for blessing the marriage couples and making up for the traditional demands according to the detects of the constitution which the elders made possible through their series of meetings in order to meet up and take care of all the necessary traditional demands based on the African perspective.

Additionally, no one in this life wants to be regarded as a goat given the fact that a goat is regarded or seen as a symbol of stupidity, an argument still held by many as true for many years till date

but in this recent times especially in the context of the determination and the respect and a call to fame for many men and women who have made their marks across the globe especially, in the areas of sports, to be seen or to be called a goat is to mean a sign of greatness for such individuals in their relative fields being it in academics, sports, government, science & technology, and many more.

What then is a "GOAT" in this context of usage?

According to this context of usage, a goat is interpreted to mean, "Greatest Of All Time"

which shows to what extent, a person either a man or a woman is known to have contributed in the spheres and aides of life which others have benefited from in relation to where and what the department such a person is being mentioned about.

In the aspects of sports, the likes of Messi, maradona, Rinaldo delima, cristiano Ronaldo, Paolo maldini, Paolo Rossi, dno zoff, gianluigi Buffon, Carlo ancelotti, zidane, sr Alex Ferguson and many more other unmentioned individuals are regarded as GOATS due to their eye catching contributions which are undeniably true and astounding in the areas of sports.

In the areas of science and technology, we cannot deny the efforts of such individuals like: "Michael faraday for his contributions in electricity, bill gates, for his contributions in software development, Steve jobs, for his contributions in apple phones and laptops, mark zuckerberg for his contributions in Facebook, a communication media between two or more persons and many more other unmentioned individuals are regarded as the GOATS due to their outstanding contributions in the above mentioned areas that aides life.

In the areas of education, such individuals like; "Adams smith who's the father of economics, Aristotle, who's the father of modern knowledge and discipline, etc," and many more other unmentioned individuals are regarded as well as the GOATS given their outstanding contributions in the areas of education.

In connection with all the above said, we also do have cities and towns that have made great names for themselves in the areas that they have deservedly being mentioned as part of the goats due to their relative importance and years of unfallen proper standing before and within the history books of man.

Cities like, the ancient city of Rome was known for its beauty, strength in depth with respect to religion, wars, gods and many other delights till date which is why it deservedly is part of the goats.

Even the London bridge too was known for many historical views that till date, still attracts a lot of millions of tourism to it just to get or coach a glance of this place or bridge and what it really looks like and as such, deserves to be called or put as part of the goats in the world today for its astounding contributions to world's tourism.

Could we also afford to forget the sweet role the sank Titanic ship played in the promotion of history. It was on history that we knew the fact that the titanic ship was one if the biggest at that time that sank after coming in contact with some ice on the high sea despite its relative expensive amount and huge size and how sophisticatedly it was built to stand both the test of time and of course glorify the real cause for which it was built being for pleasure and for long lasting.

Now, we all have been able to come to terms with the meaning of the word Goat and what it generally represents and the simple question I want to ask us is:be you a goat, and if you are, what are you a GOAT in?

and what it means both in the real life situations and in the context of usage depending on the area of interest, now it is important to know about yourself and what type of a GOAT you are and would want to be or regarded as.

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Written by   49
8 months ago
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It so funny how you put it but I like that your able to turn that insult into something to cheer about. But why would one even call a human, goat?

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8 months ago