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Who Owns You?

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11 months ago

My body and my life are not the property of a government, a politician, a cop, a judge, a lawyer, an employer or any other human or group of humans.

Anyone asserting a claim over my body — there are many — is my enemy. I do not recognize any masters over myself.

Unfortunately, these parties leverage violence against me in order to take my money, restrict my freedom, and outline what I may or may not do with my body and my life. Where I may go, how I may take care of my health, what I may do for work, what I may eat, who I may do business with, and even who I may or may not speak to.

In short, these individuals — governments, regulators, police, politicians — are control freaks living out a violently insane view of the world.

It is time we start recognizing them as such. Also those that blindly and uncritically serve them.

These are not 'leaders' and 'good citizens' but sociopaths and dangerous criminals.

No, I did not sign any sort of contract agreeing freely to be part of this insane society and pay "taxes" (extorted money) to support it. I was simply born onto a massive piece of dirt by no choice of my own, that a small group of people called "government" claim to own.

Imagine infants born into debt and forced into allegiance to a group of complete fucking strangers. It is the height of insanity. Imagine them being ruled by violent, evil leaders simply because 51% of people in the area voted for such rule. The child has had absolutely no say in the shaping of their destiny.

I am not bound by what some dead people wrote on a piece of parchment hundreds of years ago any more than you are bound by something I scribble on a napkin. Let their corpses rot and bones turn completely to dust.

I tolerate and suffer these abuses to an extent for now, for survival, but there is a line in the sand.

I am a free individual. Not the property of other humans.

There is another way for societies to have order, without government.

Check out: Voluntaryism.

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Written by   147
11 months ago
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This is why no individual in the world is completely free.

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11 months ago