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Unmask Your Spirit — There's Not Much Time Left

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1 year ago

Grade school children prepare to enter the swimming pool wearing masks as idiot adult "teachers" look on in approval.

It’s hard to feel inspired anymore, honestly.

I hate these people.

But the real heartbreak is it is not so easy to just say everyone is a spineless sheep.

It’s mostly true, but many of those around me are quite intelligent in small things. Quite kind and loving in compartments.

But they’ve no comprehension of big picture.

And little willingness to integrate and live out their knowledge as an actualized whole.

Can they actually be said to be “good people,” then?

Their spirits have been muted.

They see things as wrong or evil or illogical in atomized situations, but never seem to want to live the big picture.

Even friends who have agreed with me about the madness, still refuse to say anything or stand up in action, because they are just being “sensible” in “real life.”

“Real life” won’t be here much longer.

Not on this path of goddamned destruction.

So you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Stop going along with the madness.

And to those who have been telling me — people I know in my “real life” — to compartmentalize myself to “survive.”

You’ve been wrong every time.

And to you I say: grow a damn spine, and stop hiding. You’re no better than those you rail against online if you can’t even walk the walk a bit. You’re just blow hard preachers. With no actual application of your useless words.


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Written by   147
1 year ago
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There is really nothing to do as you said no time left.

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1 year ago

The people who are doing this are beginning to lose control.
This is evident in the increasing volume of propaganda unleashed.
All we need to do is spread more enlightenment
until they begin to make serious blunders in how they operate.
And we need to teach our children how to collaborate with freedom.

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1 year ago

WTF are they trying to do? Water board the kids?? Seriously. MASKS DO NOT WORK THE WAY THEY ARE BEING USED TODAY!!! Why don't people wake up! The only time a mask works is if full body substance isolation procedures are followed with CORRECT PPE - as in NO contamination AND proper medical grade masks. These face nappies we are wearing today are nothing but a type of prison suit.

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1 year ago

You are really on point, my question does the mask prevent covid 19, because I have seen people in horrible situations which they find it difficult to breathe still putting on mask, some wear it to bed at night out of ignorance. Those teachers needs to be quarried or first thrown into the pool before allowing the students if they can cope with the mask on then the students too can

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1 year ago