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Thoughts on Voluntary Policing in Light of the Uvalde Cops' Failure

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2 months ago

Here’s a thought about voluntaryist police services / security services.

The controversy with the parents not being allowed to go in and save their kids, and more critically, that of the cops seemingly standing around outside and not going in themselves, wouldn’t even be a real issue where private security firms in a stateless (voluntaryist) market were concerned.

Firstly, with agents actually held accountable to their paying subscribers (unlike gov cops), and facing consequences for failing to uphold contracts via private legal systems, it’s not likely they would not charge in at risk of life and limb to stop the killer from murdering children. After all, it would be explicit in the firm’s job description. This unlike state police who U.S. courts have already ruled have no legal obligation to protect you. But where it gets really interesting is parent ownership/involvement.

As the sec firms would be in competition to offer the best service on the market, and answerable directly to their clients, the clients/parents would most definitely take part in planning protocols for emergency situations like school shootings. So the objection “the police can’t let the parents in, it would be chaos!” becomes irrelevant. Yes, such situations can be chaotic. But if communities of individuals were given a stake in the protocol, the chaos would be mitigated and everyone — residents and sec firm workers — would know the protocol in the case of such an event.

Worked out contractually by private property owners, perhaps Joe from the cul-de-sac is a skilled marksman. He’ll go in. Sheryl from the hospital can help on scene if there are injuries. The sec firm can do their job seamlessly with the help of the community of private property owners they must answer to.

Compare this to the caveman moron system we use now. Of course there is untold, tragic bloodshed and no accountability. The state has an arbitrarily claimed, non-consensual legal monopoly on the initiation of force. The police they pay have a paycheck guaranteed by taxes, thus disincentivizing aiming for more excellent service.

Finally, in the event of chaos or confusion, no private agency actually accountable to subscribers would shoot an innocent person running in to help their child, and then be able to claim “I feared for my life” and get away with it.

If all this privatization and voluntaryist stuff sounds wild and crazy to you, just think you guys, cheering for this unadulterated murder chaos called statism, seem to us :) Just look into voluntaryism and private law societies. At least think about it and entertain the possibility.

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Written by   147
2 months ago
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What we needto do
is set precedent:
One Community,
which will

  • replace police with a civilian force
  • paid in BCH
  • to do only one task:
  • interdict, or defend against, violence.
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1 month ago

I think David Friedman has some pretty good ideas regarding private defense firms as well. Let there be competition in the market for such services.

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1 month ago

I think David Friedman has some pretty good ideas regarding private defense firms as well. Let there be competition in the market for such services.

I agree absolutely:
different implementations must
be given the opportunity to prove their abilities, and flaws.
Communities themselves will prefer different solutions.

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1 month ago