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Short Poems/Haiku — Vol. II

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5 months ago
Topics: Poetry


Buddha’s balls have been clipped

Christ died for nothing

Screaming of babies from a nursery on a gray, stuffy, random day just before fall

The illusion of sickness now a clever excuse

And now to be unremarkable, is amply rewarded

A race of cowards

And yet:

Resplendent faces prevail

Shining beautiful new diseases into the world

Our human kinship leprosy

The timid passers by avoid us

I’d love to leave it at that.

But they have smelled blood, and in their emptiness, gathered a taste for it


June morning

Big puffy cloud like a cotton ball

smell of cut grass and weeds

Honeysuckle, a crow's call

Hot sun is my savior

Glowing on bare skin

cracking my back

Restoring my mind

The cars on the road are in a separate world

Cloistered and troubled

I'm in heaven

These fresh vibrant mornings

Should never be wasted on worrying

What the hell are we doing?



the air is full of uncertainty

there is no real community

haphazard run-ins with the way it's

supposed to be

but they're few and far between

signal to noise now upside down

voices from megaphones

speakers from crowns

but the whisper I hear is now growing loud

and it keeps me awake at night

stashing implements, treasures, and tools

in a modest fashion

prepare for encroachment of humans

turned ghouls, devoid of honest passion

the greatest disease

is knowing

the only cure

is action

but now, just eerie



Volume I, here.

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Written by   129
5 months ago
Topics: Poetry
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