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3rd Ebook Available Now for $1 (Update on Next One)

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11 months ago

In the past few years, I’ve put out a slow trickle of e-books. I recently added my third. I’m also happy to announce I’m doing final editing on a short book of highly original based esoteric essays. But more on that later.

Here’s what I’ve released so far:

Vietnamese for Assholes

Ever wanted to talk about drugs and prostitutes in Vietnam? Or to simply have a more meaningful conversation with the local dân chơis? Here’s your guide. This phrasebook covers a range of topics, from cuss words to crime, sex, social issues., and much much more. I wrote it after spending some time in the country studying both formal and informal Vietnamese. I highly recommend it if you’re learning the language or planning to visit (though that might be delays with covid and conflict and all). Available from Gumroad.

Executive Summary of '48 Laws of Power'

I pull out and break down the most salient quotes for each of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws. This is designed for people who don’t have time or aren’t interested in history but still want to understand Greene’s core message. I put a special focus on applicability, both using these laws in your favor and understanding them so you can protect yourself against others. Available from Amazon and Gumroad.

Daygame Tactical Field Manual: Texting, Voice Notes, and Phone Calls

If you’ve done daygame (i.e., meeting girls street and in public), you know how frustrating losing girls over texts can be. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been a great method presented for handling this problem. Until now. This short but dense manual will give you a reliable and easy-to-implement road-map for navigating digital communication with chicks you’re trying to bang. This combines my own experience and years of friendships with some of the best professional men’s dating coaches. I just released this for just $1 on Gumroad and $2 on Amazon.

Coming Soon...

Lastly, I’m currently in the final stages of publishing a collection of essays.

The central theme is strength and weakness in the modern world. The topics span philosophy, literature, history, and psychology, and the overall state of the human spirit. The writing style varies greatly, weaving between academic, commentary, surreal, and gonzo-style nonfiction.

This is an esoteric collection loosely about neo-Homeric virtue, the decadence of modernity, and a pragmatic vitalist vision of for the future. Special attention is given to modern literature, particularly Orwell, along with 20th and 21th-century leftist social theory. It elucidates a bold, based call to action for a new generation of warrior-kings, echoing contemporary and past authors such as Nietzsche, BAP, Jack Donovan, and Michael Anton.

Right now you can get a free chapter when you sign-up by email over at Gumroad.

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Written by   9
11 months ago
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