If you've been waiting for your "Sometime in March" Banano airdrop, it isn't coming.

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2 years ago

If you're like me, Bitcoin Cash isn't all there is in the crypto world. Also if you're like me, you're super poor, and when you hear about a crypto airdrop from a reputable, friendly community, you get excited!

Early this year, the Banano team announced an airdrop for HODLers of Nano coin. The only requirement was that you remove your Nano from exchanges and HODL it in your wallet (most likely Natrium). There was also a bonus feature if you chose a representative that had less than 1% voting power, they would boost your airdrop.

The team had originally announced the snapshot would have been taken "sometime in March". This aptly named the airdrop "The Sometime in March Airdrop".

But then things got crazy.

Nano was attacked and essentially shut down, going from a fee-less, instant form of payment to something similar to BTC in terms of speed, but still fee-less. This affected Banano as well. Between then and now, the Banano team have altered their "#bannouncements". The snapshot was later announced to have taken place in April.

I don't advocate harassment, but it was understandable when no one saw their Banano airdrop, we got worried. Some asked questions, and as evidenced by this screenshot, some even took it too far:

It is now mid-May, and recently we heard great news: The airdrops were beginning to roll-out!:

That announcement took place on the 10th. Since then, I've been sweeping my Natrium wallet daily with Kalium to see if I received the airdrop. After seeing I still hadn't received it, a source told me that the Banano team limited the airdrop to those who were holding at least 25 Nano during the snapshot. I didn't believe them. So I asked in their discord. This was their response:

If you dig a little deeper, you'll also find they changed the snapshot to "February". Did they even do a snapshot?

So there you have it. Despite this not being an initial or announced condition, you had to have at least 25 Nano to receive the airdrop. As I said, if you're like me, you most-likely didn't have 25 Nano during the snapshot. So also if you're like me, stop waiting with baited breath, and learn from this experience that taking someone for their word always has real potential of disappointment and regret, ESPECIALLY when it comes to money.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is something that has bugged me for a long time. I finally have some (very disappointing) closure, and I hope this brings closure to you as well if you've been checking your wallets every single day for months.

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