16 Expensive Things Owned By Queen Elizabeth II

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We look at 16 Expensive Things Owned By Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II including palaces, boats, planes and taking a look at her net worth.

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16 – Royal Ship Britannia

Construction on Britannia began in 1952 and was launched on April 16th 1953 with her travelling more than 1 million nautical miles around the globe during her 43 year career

After she was decomissioned in 1997, she became a tourist attraction and has been seen in various cities around the United Kingdom.

The ship was designed as a floating palace with all the trappings of luxury from the queens homes that are installed on board including silver cutlery, golden door handles and opulent living areas.

The boat had room for some of the queens cars and even had its own servants living quaters with laundry facilities and even a private hospital.

15 – Art Collection

The owner of the largest private collection of art in the world, Queen Elizabeth II currently owns around one million paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints.

Many artworks in the collection are owned soley by the crown, however, some are privately owned by her Magesty.

Some works in the collection include portraits by Rembrandt, Michaelangelo and at least 600 drawings by Leonardo Divinci.

Other items including furniture and ornaments grace the royal collection including one of the largest collections of French Furniture ever assembled.

14 – Land

Queen Elizabeth II is thought to be one of the biggest land owners on the planet, with her current portfolio showing around 6 million acres of land, or to put it into perspective, one sixth of the worlds non-oceanic surface.

She is currently the only person on earth who owns the whole countries and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory.

It is thought that if a total price could be put on land she currently owns, it would come in somewhere close to $33 trillion dollars.

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13 – Royal Fisheries

Queen Elizabeth II owns all open underwater fisheries within the water boundries of the United Kingdom that relate to the fishing of Sturgeon, Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins with these animals officially belonging to Queen Elizabeth II or whichever monarch is on the throne.

The rule comes from a statute from 1342 during the rule of King Edward The Second.

The law hit the news in 2004 after fishermen caught and sold a Sturgeon in Swansea Bay and under current law, the Reciever of the Wreck is officially appointed to take control of the animals when they arrive on England’s shores.

12 – Swan Population

It is understood among popular culture that Queen Elizabeth II, or whoever sits on the throne at the time owns all 5,300 breeding pairs of mute swan that are un-marked and sit on open water.

Swan uppers can be regularly seen on the Thames, tagging and checking the health of the birds and its known that rights to ownership of swans can be passed from the crown to individuals seeking to purchase them.

11 – McDonalds Drive-Thru

It has been revealed through released accounts that Queen Elizabeth II does indeed own a McDoanlds drive-thru.

The aquisition of the McDonalds came through the purchasing of a retail park near Windsor Castle in 2008.

The Bath Road Retail park in Slough is visable from Queen Elizabeth’s quaters in the castle and its thought Queen Elizabeth II purchased the park for £92 million pounds.

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10 – Sandringham Estate

It has been the personal home of four generations of the British Royal Family and is situated in the English county of Norfolk.

The property is surrounded by 20,000 acres of lush green fields and forests while the main rooms of the home feature stunning bay windows.

The home features an amazing entrance hall, fabulous ballroom and believe it or not… gas lighting, with the home constructed by architecht Cornish Henley in 1771.

9 – Balmoral Castle

Purchased in 1852 for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the splendid castle is the Private Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth and is said to be one of her favourite places to spend time outside the public eye.

The castle was re-built in 1856 by William Smith after the original castle was deemed not sutible for modern day life.

The castle is set in 20,000 acres of the best farmland in Scotland and features some of the most amazing architecture in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Flag of Scotland is flown when Queen Elizabeth is not in the castle while it is replaced by the Royal Standard when her Magesty is in residence.

The castle is set in 20,000 acres of the best farmland in Scotland and features some of the most amazing architecture

8 – Buckingham Palace

Featuring 830,000 square feet of floor space and 775 rooms, it is still considered to be the biggest private residence in the world today and is the official home of the british monarchy.

The palace contains 19 state rooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, 52 royal guestrooms and 92 offices with main rooms decorated in amazing paintings and unique artifacts.

There is also a ballroom, state dining room, music room, famous throne room and the queens private apartments where she lives and works.

One of the most famous parts of the palace is the East Wing Balcony where the Royal Family lead by Queen Elizabeth II ocasionally greets the outside crowds during both weddings and national events.

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7 – Windsor Castle

The second official residence of the queen, Windsor castle sits on 13 acres of land and features a Georgian and Victorian Design with the castle interior featuring both english and French furniture.

Amazing artwork, paintings, and suits of armor line the hallways and the walls bear paintings and portraits of previous monarchs in order of reign.

The castle suffered damage during a serious fire in 1992 and has been restored to its former glory by some of the best people in the business.

Windsor Castle is located in the English country of Berkshire and is where Queen Elizabeth II spends her weekends.

6 – Holyrood House

Known as the third official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Hollyrood House is another prime location for state visits and ceremonies.

The palace is open for community visits throughout the year, except for when the Royal Family members are in residence.

The largest room in the palace, the great gallery is decorated with portraits of the Scottish monarchs and other prominent rooms include the Royal Dining room, splendid throne room and glorious drawing room.

The palace is spread over 10 acres and some of its interiors feature glorious Italian paintings while exteriors appear magnificent with the marvellous lush greenery and superb architecture.

5 – Hillsborough Castle

Its the main residence used by members of the royal family on their frequent visits to Northern ireland and was constructed by Lord Hillsborough while being completed by R.F. Brettingham in 1797.

The 18th century Georgian mansion is situated in the vilage of Hillsborough, County Down, Northern ireland and features a throne room, function room and rest rooms.

The gardens offer views of beautiful surroundings while the interiors of the palace are decorated with beautiful furniture and masterpieces of art.

4 – Bentley State Limo

Its the official state limousine for her majesty and was a present for her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

The car is often used during official events and is constantly guarded by both police vehicles and the Royal Protection Squad.

The car features a 6.75 liter V8 engine capable of delivering 400 break horsepower with a top speed of 130 mph.

Both the bodywork and glass on the car are bulletproof and the rear seats are made from lambs wool, saleen cloth offering enhanced comfort.

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3 – 1984 Jaguar Saloon

One of the queen’s exclusive collectables includes a 1984 Jaguar Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon, which was specially designed in 1984 for the Queen’s drive around her Windsor Estates.

The car was custom fitted with a number of exclusive features at the time including exceptional communications systems, flashing lights and even a rear bench for Queen Elizabeth II corgies.

The royal car has transported eminent personalities including the queen, princes, princesses and prime ministers to various events across the kingdom and was auctioned for $77,000 dollars in 2010.

2 – Royal Range Rover

It was the car the Queen Elizabeth II was seen driving herself during the 2010 Royal Windsor Horse Show and features a custom made corgie statue on the bonnet.

The Range Rover features a twin turbocharged V8 engine, four wheel drive, eight speed transmission and costs around $40,000 dollars.

1 – Crown Jewels

Crowning off our top list for her Majesty is one of the largest and possibly most expensive Jewellry sets in the world.

Containing the famous crown jewels, this collection includes her royal crown, the girls of grace Great Britain Tiata, also known as the Granny Tiara, which is one of the most expensive assets of Queen Elizabeth II.

The collection also includes the Collet Diamond Necklace with a unique drop shaped diamond pendant of 22.48 carrats, South African Necklace and matching bracelet, diamond earings, over 200-year old gemstones, a 23.6 carat un-cut diamond from Tanzania and a marvelous black colored snuff box decorated with diamonds.

Some important gifts that have been given to Queen Elizabeth II include the Vladimir Tiara worth close to one million pounds, the Prince Albert sapphire broach worth $4 million dollars and the famous Cullinan Jewellery thought to be worth close to $50 million dollars.

The Jewel’s often go on display at Buckingham Palace for private events and are usually kept in a secure, but public, underground location in the Tower of London.

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Is the land for me, 🤔 when the land she owns is sold or asked to be purchased then Is up to 33 trillion dollars, that literally means She is the Richest human being alive on earth, because every thing She owns will double and even triple everything all the Billionaire in the world combined

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